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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Anyone know what this is?

Our guy Josh came across this image in our files and wonders what it is about.

Anyone have a clue (or two)?


  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosmic_egg

    By Blogger Bob Koford, at Tuesday, February 15, 2011  

  • http://www.google.com/search?q=ta%27aroa&hl=en&newwindow=1&num=100&lr=&ft=i&cr=&safe=off&tbs=


    By Blogger Frank Stalter, at Tuesday, February 15, 2011  

  • Yeah, I think I can help you out.

    "The Tahitian creation myth, from accounts in “Ancient Tahiti” by Teuria Henry (as noted in Alpha: The Myths of Creation by Charles H. Long [Collier Books, Toronto, 1963, Page 123] the god Ta’aroa (called Te Tumu – The Foundation) creates the world from within the cosmic egg (an archetype of many creation myths).

    "The cosmic egg and Ta’aroa resemble the inner space of a UFO, as represented by Rumia, the sky."

    See: http://tinyurl.com/4p6jbg7

    The title of the graphic, "Chaos and the Cosmic Egg," also refers to parallel ancient Chinese cosmological origins myth.

    BTW--the tinyurl link above?

    It goes to an April 25, 2007 blog post of yours, complete with the same graphic, and additional content/details, on your own blog, "The UFO Reality." Glad to help Josh out.

    Kind of a recursively ouroborosian synchronicity, eh? 8^}

    By Blogger steve sawyer, at Tuesday, February 15, 2011  

  • Gretings,

    Yes, but difficult in english for me. It is "Ta’aroa", the ancestor of all Gods, who created "all" in Tahitian (Tahiti) Gospels. In other words, it is a Thaïtian "well known" cosmogenesis representation.

    This Gospel claims that "Ta'aroa" stood in a shell (Rumia) and darkness for milleniums. The shell was like an egg that turned in the infinity of space without the sky, the land, the sea, the moon, the sun, the stars.

    To create the world, "Ta'aroa" broke its shell, leaving
    so the night, the emptiness and the silence. With his shell "Rumia", he made the Earth, the stone, and the sand. With his tears, he covered the land with seas; with his nails, he covered the creatures of ocean with scales; with his blood, he created the rainbow. The
    trees were his crown. The
    Cradle of Life was then ready to
    welcome Man, Woman and
    other animals of his creation. (etc).

    It is then the representation of a polynesian legend (cosmogenesis of world), and not an "UFO".

    My source : Teuira Henry, "Tahiti aux temps anciens."

    Best Regards,

    Gilles Fernandez

    By Blogger Gilles. F., at Tuesday, February 15, 2011  

  • Briefly, it is a drawing of Ta'aroa, the Tahitian creator god, sitting in his shell which is like the cosmic egg of Hinduism. Tumu or tumu-nui is the foundation of the world. He (Tumu)is a major god who with his wife, Papa(Paparaharaha) created the pillars that hold up the sky, Rumia. Just what the thing like a head with arms above Rumis is I'm not certain at this point and I don't really know what the diagrammed area under it is designating.

    By Blogger Dara, at Tuesday, February 15, 2011  

  • Thanks, all....expecially Steve Sawyer, who finds that we've attended to this at our UFO Reality blog a while back.

    (I was too punchy last night when asked about it -- Josh found the image in our UFO archives on computer and I couldn't recall where it came from, but found it intriguing...like a lot of our stuff....ahem.)


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, February 15, 2011  

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