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Monday, March 21, 2011


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A US intelligence agency that denied its very existence for decades has likely already determined the true nature of the UFO phenomena, and has kept its discoveries from the public for over a half-century.

This agency has the ability to “see” anything anywhere at any time as it is happening - even outside of our atmosphere. They have detected airspace intrusions of all kinds – including most assuredly, those of Unidentified Flying Objects. The degree of precision with which they operate is so astounding -and the scope of their global coverage is so vast - that there is only one conclusion that can be drawn about this ultra-secret agency: If extraterrestrial craft have entered the Earth’s realm, they are aware of them and they have filmed them.

These images – and their accompanying technical analysis- have never been released to the public. The stunning reasons why this is so are now revealed - including those found in a USAF letter about UFOs from the 1970s. The letter (directed to this author) denied the existence of the agency in question and warned me away by threatening prosecution by federal authorities.

Now many years later, this author has again picked up on the trail to expose the deep UFO secrets of the most secret organization in the world- the National Reconnaissance Office.



Though it has been active for over 50 years, the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) was only officially acknowledged about 15 years ago. Before this acknowledgement, its employees could be imprisoned or even put to death under the Espionage Act if they were to reveal its name or even its mere existence. Since 1961 the NRO has quietly employed tens of thousands of people and it has spent hundreds of billions of dollars.

Officially part of the US Department of Defense, its stated mission is to design, build, operate and maintain global spy satellites and to control and to collect the information and images that are gathered from them. It tracks and monitors all traffic entering and leaving the Earth’s atmosphere. The agency secretly constructs and launches these ultra-advanced satellites in cooperation with NASA. The NRO also maintains a planetary-wide network of ground stations which process and analyze signals, photos and filmed images.

The NRO, headquartered in Chantilly, VA, has a waiver for “open competition” requirements. This means that the agency does not need to comply with the US government contracting laws that apply to all other federal departments and agencies. Contractors and vendors do not compete for business with the NRO. The NRO uses who they want. It is not obligated to advertise its requirements or to make Requests for Proposals.

Only recently was it compelled by a lawsuit to make its budget available to the public - but only the “unclassified” portions of the agency’s budget. This means that the financial expenditures for most all of the activities and departments of the NRO will never be known. The Washington Post in September 1995 reported that the NRO appears to have a multi-billion dollar budget and that billions per year were being hoarded by the agency as “unspent funds” of which the Pentagon and the Congress were never made aware. The Directors of the NRO are named without confirmation by Congress by the US Secretary of Defense. And the agency is worrisomely independent. Though it is chartered to collaborate with other select agencies and departments, the NRO often refuses to share gathered intelligence or technological breakthroughs with the larger US defense and intelligence communities. Simply put, the NRO does not play by anyone’s rules but it’s own.

It is believed that the prime contractors to the NRO are Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Orbital Sciences Corporation. Engineers at these companies working on NRO projects of any kind must attain Top Secret/SCI (Sensitive Compartmented Information) security clearance, a process often taking years. They are made to take polygraphs routinely and without notice. Many NRO employees work under Draconian conditions. This often includes working in underground windowless offices; being scanned regularly (including full-body and retinal scanning) and surrendering all cell phones, personal technology and writing instruments. Often NRO employees require escort when moving through offices. They work alongside individuals whose actual names are sometimes unknown to them and with whom they are never to discuss anything personal or work-related. For decades (until the US Government acknowledged its existence in late 1992) the people employed by the NRO were unable to say precisely for whom they worked or what they did, not even to their wives or children. IRS records would only reflect their employment as being with the “Department of Defense.” NRO employees became “indentured” forever to the intelligence/defense communities. They were unable to mention their employment by the NRO or their experience attained there. Because of this, they could only work for other similar agencies such as NSA or the CIA or their associated contractors.



The satellite technology that is designed and maintained by the NRO is so technologically extraordinary that it is believed that the agency can “see” any selected human, ground or airborne “target” that it wishes to observe. With literal pinpoint accuracy (and with astonishing clarity and resolution) it can image anything that is visible on the planet or that is coming to or leaving the Earth, as it occurs. It is able to detect signals of all kinds that are generated anywhere on Earth or its orbit. Wholly unacknowledged – but accepted by industry insiders - is that some of the NRO’s satellites are also equipped with experimental “beam” weaponry with offense and defense applications.

The full capabilities of such super-satellites are not acknowledged by the US government. Even NRO satellite’s numbers and names are generally classified. The NRO occasionally will announce when a new satellite goes into orbit - though it is not obligated to do so, and no substantial details are ever given about such launches. It is known through defense industry insiders that the capabilities and technical sophistication of these satellites far exceeds those of commercial satellites. It is said that NRO technology provides constant real-time data, surveillance and reconnaissance about everything around the world all of the time. Resulting reconnaissance photos and films are said to be of remarkably high quality and imaged in extraordinarily fine detail. New information indicates that this technology may even be able to detect ‘signatures’ and image objects and people through walls and enclosures.

Through its many decades of being our “secret eyes in space” it is inconceivable that the NRO has not had several incidents of detection of “uncorrelated observations.” In fact, this is one of the NRO’s very missions: to detect, image and identify unidentifieds in the air and atmosphere!

The agency is unquestionably the one arm of government that is the most uniquely positioned to possess close-up images of UFOs in airspace or in orbit - or that have perhaps even landed.
Objects that are unidentified have surely been encountered buzzing our skies - or upon entering or leaving the atmosphere - on innumerable occasions. And they may have even spotted landings. More than that - given the advanced optics systems onboard these satellites - these UFOs have to have been filmed by NRO and later analyzed by ground station photographic experts. The NRO has acknowledged recently that its first orbiting satellite (called Corona) alone collected more than 800,000 images. With the dozens of such satellites rumored now in orbit, the sheer volume of images captured by the NRO must be in the multiple millions.


On December 27, 1974 (as a young pre-teen admittedly obsessed with UFOs) I sent a registered letter to the then President of the United States, Gerald Ford. I had several questions that I wished answered relative to UFOs and any associated military and intelligence studies and what the precise nature was of an agency with which I had become familiar. That agency, I had learned, was called the “NRO” or the “National Reconnaissance Office.”

Though in the 1970s the NRO was not officially or publicly acknowledged, I had become aware of its name through a very brief (and perhaps slipped) mention of it that was made in an obscure publication circulating at the time. A UFO researcher had mentioned the NRO in an article that appeared in a UFO magazine in 1973 or 1974. I am entirely uncertain how the writer knew of this agency at that time. In fact, he may well have been the very first private individual to have ever named the agency in print.

My request of President Ford for UFO information was routed to the US Air Force. My letter was received (and presumably read) by White House staffers first though, as the registered return receipt was signed by the White House and they would have to have read it to know to whom to route it. My mention of the NRO agency was prominently placed at the beginning of the letter and it is likely that White House staffers read the name of the agency in my communication. On January 6, 1975 a reply came from Colonel James J. Shepard of the USAF. He begins the letter, “On behalf of President Ford, I am acknowledging your recent letter to him and placing the matter in the hands of appropriate officials for their careful consideration. You will receive a further reply as soon as possible.”

On January 23, 1975, a “further reply” was received. This time the letter’s author was Colonel M.L. Sorrentino of the USAF. He states, in part, “On behalf of President Ford, this is in further reply to your December 27 letter regarding the investigation of UFOs.” He continues (after having indicated that such UFO study terminated with Project Blue Book) that:

“Moreover, officials are unaware of any federally-sponsored studies regarding UFO phenomena, and have no knowledge of the existence of a ‘National Reconnaissance Office.’”

Sorrentino then continues by citing JANAP 146, an official Joint Army, Navy Air Publication (JANAP) for providing procedures for reporting unexplained aerial activity by military personnel. Sorrentino then warns me:

“Due to the strictly military nature of these matters, both JANAP-146, as well as the reports which it prescribes, must remain with official channels. Therefore, Chapter 37, Title 18 of the United States Code stipulates that any person who makes an unauthorized transmission or disclosure of such a report is liable to prosecution.“

Given that I had mentioned the name of an unacknowledged Intelligence Agency (the NRO) in a letter to the President of the United States, and that I had inquired about its possible detection and filming of UFOs by its satellites, Sorrentino’s admonishment to me was clear. It can be taken that they were concerned that I may at some point say something publicly about the NRO or about its military/intel UFO reports. It could have been taken as a threat. I can tell you that as a young boy at the time, it was indeed.

I have never mentioned this episode to anyone ever, until now. And until now, I have never told this: After I wrote to the President mentioning the NRO and UFOs, I believe that our family’s home phone was tapped and that I was followed for a period of months by unknown persons.

There can be little doubt that the US Air Force deliberately lied to me and deceived me about their knowledge of the NRO. This is because today, on the NRO’s own website, it acknowledges that over its history it has worked closely with the military (including the USAF) in providing valuable intelligence. And of course both the USAF and the NRO are part of the Department of Defense. The distinct implication is that if government officials were lying to me by denying the very existence of a federal agency of which they were actually well aware, they were also likely openly lying about the claim that no official UFO studies were ever conducted after Project Blue Book.

A scan of this historical letter can be viewed here:




The single instance that anyone associated with the agency has ever publicly spoken about the subject of UFOs was in 1997. Gerald K. Haines was employed by the NRO when he released an article that was published in the journal Studies in Intelligence that was entitled “A Die Hard Issue: CIA’s Study of UFOS, 1947-90.”

Prior, however, Haines has been associated with the Central Intelligence Agency and his treatise relates to the CIA’s activities surrounding UFOs, not the NRO’s dealings with the phenomenon. It remains unclear why a present-day NRO employee would be authoring and releasing another intelligence agency’s UFO information. It is also unclear whether the NRO authorized this release and whether it agreed with the conclusions that were reached by its employee Haines.

In his whitewash report, he determined that although the CIA was concerned about UFOs until the early 1950s, it has since “paid only limited and peripheral attention to the phenomena.” Second, he maintained that “more than half” of alleged UFO sightings in the US through the 1960s were actually of classified aircraft such as the U-2 and SR-71. Haines’ statements are disingenuous. And they not coincidentally coincide with the USAF’s debunking Roswell Report. If what Haines said is correct, he is himself revealing a state secret that he should not be. He is “blowing the cover” of a “technique” that lets people believe that they are seeing UFOs, when in fact they are seeing experimental US aircraft.

And Haines is deliberately lying with claims about the U-2 and SR-71 being the cause for most all UFO sightings. Such experimental craft are extremely restricted in just where they can fly. Such vehicles are rarely if ever flown along commercial flight paths- or low over dense civilian populations. The reason for this are obvious - it would compromise classified technology. And Haines fails to mention that the US Government was examining the UFO phenomenon (i.e. ghost rockets and foo-fighters) as early as 1944 - well before the advent of such jets.

Due to his rich background in US Intelligence, Dr. Haines was not asked by journalists why he –as an NRO employee by then - was speaking out about the CIA and UFOs. But what is curious is why these journalists (Haines’ report was widely carried in the press) did not ask him about his current agency (the NRO) and their involvement the phenomena? If the CIA studies UFOs, didn’t the NRO? Why did they not inquire of him if his agency’s super-satellites have ever detected signals from UFOS or if they had ever photographed or filmed UFOs? In one move, Haines had minimized the CIA’s interest in UFOs and at the same time had deflected any interest or inquiry about the NRO’s own UFO involvement.



Strictly speaking, the NRO is not exempt from FOIA or the Freedom of Information Act. The reality however is that the agency routinely denies FOIA requests of all kinds by indicating that to honor such requests would reveal confidential or sensitive “sources and methods” that would place national security at risk. An organization that does not acknowledge its budget, contractors or mission details (and that did not even admit it’s very existence for decades) is an organization that has surely developed strategies to counter FOIA requests that it deems “troublesome.” Adding further difficulty to FOIA requests to the NRO is that one needs to have appropriate and adequate “identifiers” to make such a request. Without details such as reference numbers, launch names or dates of occurrences, it is very hard to pinpoint specific documents and images to request for public release.

It is also even very difficult to gain information on prior FOIA requests to the NRO on UFOs. It is evident that very few researchers have ever attempted such requests, in part due to the fact that they are not even aware of the agency’s existence! The “Black Vault” (an online repository of FOIA-related and other government documents on UFOs and other phenomena) has no records of such FOIA requests to the NRO. Researcher Timothy Good complained in one of his books that he “drew a blank” when it came to the NRO and UFOs- no information was obtainable. This author has conducted an in-depth review of FOIA Case Logs online (and on the NRO website) to see if anyone has ever requested UFO-related information from the NRO. It appears that only twice this has been done. The first request was made on May 7, 1998 and another time was on April 27, 2001. The responses from the NRO to these requestors is unknown. No information appears to have ever been forthcoming In subsequent years about any results from these requests that may have provided answers to questions about the NRO’s involvement with the UFO phenomenon.

This author is implementing a three-pronged approach to coax information on the NRO and UFOs:

I have teamed with preeminent, long-time UFO researcher Larry Bryant on this matter. Mr. Bryant is widely acknowledged to be the UFO community’s expert on constructing and submitting FOIA requests. We are currently working on the appropriate terminology –and with the specificity required- to make an effective FOIA request.

Additionally, Mr. Bryant will be running “whistleblower solicitation ads” to induce former NRO employees or contractors to confidentially come forward with any relevant information on the agency’s dealings with UFOs.

Finally, this author has made the recent acquaintance of a former agency employee now retired and living nearby in Florida in ill health. This intelligence officer has tacitly indicated that clear, detailed and revealing images of Unidentified Flying Objects have indeed been obtained by the super-satellites of the NRO - and that many of them are not made by man.

More information is hoped to be forthcoming soon about this most covert and cryptic intelligence agency - and it’s no doubt astounding UFO secrets.


  • You can guess my response.

    So we have another agency involved in the great UFO cover-up. Presumably the NRO can spy on literally anything and everything we humans do. Next time some guy registers into a motel with a doll under the names of Mr and Mrs Smith he, and she, better watch out.

    I believe the NSA was known as "Never Say Anything" or even as “No Such Agency” before its existence was revealed. So what? The existence of GCHQ in the UK was not acknowledged until Mrs Thatcher came to power. Think of all the UFO secrets they (may) possess.

    Your remarks about what the NRO could or might do in space or on earth only indicate its capabilities; the rest is pure speculation. You want to believe that NRO is secretly tracking and photographing UFOs. I cannot disprove you; but I could retort that nobody in the NRO has the slightest interest in UFOs. Can you disprove me? As to these secret photographs being stashed away, this is nothing new under the sun. Such claims were around in the 1950s, in both the USA and the UK, before the NRO even existed. The problem is we never get to see these supposed photos, do we? They are always based on rumor and anonymous sources, like so much in ufology.

    Have the NRO spotted Gaddafi’s whereabouts yet?

    By Blogger cda, at Tuesday, March 22, 2011  

  • Of course, CDA, you entirely ignore very important aspects of this piece:

    1) Secrets can be kept – enormous secrets - for many decades by tens of thousands of people. If an institution like NRO was kept successfully secret for so long, than an event like the ET crash at Roswell can most certainly be kept secret!

    2) The US Defense and Intel communities lie about UFOs and threaten children. I was 12 when the USAF wrote me that letter of lies denying the NRO existed. And I have since found out that violating JANAP 146 (which is what officials were concerned I would do-report on UFO sightings made by NRO) carried a fine at the time of up to $10,000 and up to 10 years in prison!


    By Blogger The Reynolds Group, at Tuesday, March 22, 2011  

  • Interesting discussion.

    I think its true as previous poster notes. One could declare: "nobody in NRO is interested in this." And it is possible, logically and physically, this could be the case.

    I suggest likelihood is a formally different question than rote possibility. And far more critical in a situation of nobody able to "prove" anything to opposing opinions (which abound!).

    Indeed, direction of our attention to "possibility" tends to blur rather than focus, perhaps.

    If I jump off a skyscraper, its "possible" a freak wind will come along and save me. That we can't disprove it is ... not very relevant, I suggest; not much of a consideration. The "possible" is more rhetorical than substantive, begging pardon for my intellectual bias (phd science guy; typical I know).

    If I'm wrong, well and good. If not it would seem a key question, in absence of "proof," comes down to leading indicators, information in hand: what do we know and how do we know it?

    From there, we're able to ask how do we assess total data and analysis -- in terms of likelihood, not possibility. But we don't reach that vantage point of lookout, if we linger at possibility rather than likelihood as organizing principle of inquiry.

    If we advance to that lookout point, and survey the landscape, we can now ask: what methods, and what prior framework of assumptions, might we best work with to assess or evaluate likelihood??

    By Blogger Brian Akers, at Tuesday, March 22, 2011  

  • Brian-

    Thanks for your thoughts. However, both you and CDA do not seem to be clear on one of the NRO’s key directives: To detect, image and identify unidentifieds in the air or atmosphere! Therefore it is not a matter of my speculation, it is a matter of their mission!

    And to CDA’s snide remark about Bin Laden: You first need to know where he is before you can image him. And if they knew that, you can be 100% sure that they could film him in fine detail- and hear everything that he is saying on any kind of communication device!


    By Blogger The Reynolds Group, at Tuesday, March 22, 2011  

  • AJ -- just curious about your impression, its basis.

    True, I don't claim to know this or that but -- I'm actually not speaking to the "devil in the details" such as NRO. At least, by intention.

    My purpose is to address the framework of inquiry itself, specifically -- conflation of "possibility" with likelihood. Important to distinguish categorically, I suggest.

    I don't suggest anything about NRO, so again, I'm puzzled -- any enhancement?

    By Blogger Brian Akers, at Tuesday, March 22, 2011  

  • In view of the secrecy of the NRO, presumably there is no official description of its purpose or its ultimate mission.

    AJB claims one of their "key directives" is "to detect, image and identify unidentifieds in the air or atmosphere".

    But how does AJB know this? It is a pure assumption, nothing else, since nowhere is the NRO mission given. (If it was given then the NRO would no longer be secret, would it?).

    So please tell us, Tony, just how you are so certain that the mission of the NRO is to identify UFOs seen in our atmosphere, or above it. Where is their 'mission statement'?

    I mentioned Gaddafi, not Bin Laden, but yes it could apply to the latter also.

    By Blogger cda, at Tuesday, March 22, 2011  

  • It looks as if I can answer my own question. The mission of the NRO is given in Wikipedia, in which other details are given at length. The NRO was founded on August 25, 1960, but not publicly revealed until 1973.

    If of course AJB wants to add (or subtract) from the information given therein, he is free to do so, as anyone can contribute to Wikipedia.

    Sad to say, but there is no mention of UFOs. So what about it, Tony? Are you going to fill in the gaps left by the previous Wikipedia writer(s)? Get to it, but please, please give your sources.

    By Blogger cda, at Tuesday, March 22, 2011  

  • CDA-

    You are wrong and you are ill-informed.

    The US Department of Defense officially acknowledged the existence of the NRO in September of 1992. This is historical fact. Your Wiki entry is not correct and perhaps ‘1972’ was meant as ‘1992.’

    Additionally, you are not clear with whom NRO works. They are an integral part of the DoD and work w/ military branches to protect and defend the nation. This includes alerting to any potential incoming ‘unidentified’ or ‘uncorrelated observation’ that could be a missile, foreign artillery or an aerial transgression against the nation.

    I did not say that UFOs were part of NRO’s mission, I said that all ‘unidentifieds’ - terrestrial or otherwise - are tracked by them. Until they are identified such things are unidentified. It is as simple as that.


    By Blogger The Reynolds Group, at Tuesday, March 22, 2011  

  • @Brian Akers:

    "My purpose is to address the framework of inquiry itself, specifically -- conflation of "possibility" with likelihood. Important to distinguish categorically, I suggest."

    Agreed. I completely endorse the general logical principle you have elucidated here, and the implied need for documented sourcing for some of the statements in this article for clarification.

    I will have more later to say about this article on the NRO, its capabilities, background history, and general mission objectives, but need to supplement and update my research data on the NRO, et al, in the interim to make a better-informed comment.

    Very interesting article, Tony. The USAF letter would have made me leery at that age, too, even without the associated possible surveillance! Intriguing, to say the least.

    Seriously consider filing an FOIA request on yourself, if you haven't already, to both the FBI, and USAF/AFOSI. Strongly recommended.

    Are you at all concerned or worried that this kind of coverage may initiate telephone or other surveillance if your prior articles already haven't?

    This is edgy work, and you may be showing a few too many cards in your hand about prospective avenues of further investigation, IMHO. You're dealing with champion poker players here, I would guess you already know. Caveat emptor.

    By Blogger steve sawyer, at Tuesday, March 22, 2011  

  • To AJB:
    Why not read the Wiki entry yourself. If there is anything missing simply edit the article and insert whatever you wish.

    I am not claiming Wikipedia is the gospel truth. But if you feel strongly enough about the NRO-UFO link, then edit the said article. But beware: someone (certainly not me) may decide to alter what you write and add his/her own analysis.

    By Blogger cda, at Tuesday, March 22, 2011  

  • In response the the question noted above, as to when the NRO was formally acknowledged, this from wikipedia:

    "The first press reports on NRO started in 1971.[9] The first official acknowledgement of NRO was a Senate committee report in October 1973, which inadvertently exposed the existence of the NRO.[10] In 1985, a New York Times article revealed details on the operations of the NRO.[11] The existence of the NRO was declassified on September 18, 1992, by the Deputy Secretary of Defense, as recommended by the Director of Central Intelligence.[12]"

    I became aware of the NRO in the late-1970's, although I forget exactly how. (Ala Nixon: " can say you just don't recall..."). 8^}

    So, formal, authorized declassification, as Tony noted, did not occur until 1992, although some government officials, elected representatives, and relatively few members of the public knew about it and its general mission before then, obviously.

    It was actually, technically against the law for elected representatives to publicly mention, on the floor of either House or Senate, or enter _any_ data into the Congressional Record about the NRO, even if only its initials, until late 1992, believe it or not.

    A similar prior prohibition, both before and after, has been used in addition, such as any mention of the NSA for quite some time after it was established as a US Government/DOD intelligence support agency.

    NRO and NSA space-based and ground telescope surveillance assets can see any solid object in close Earth orbit down to about 4 inches in length, like a loose bolt, as part of the US Space Command's space surveillance mission, run out of Peterson AFB in Colorado (aka / also: NORAD HQ).

    By Blogger steve sawyer, at Tuesday, March 22, 2011  

  • Great job as always Tony.

    It sounds like the very existence of the NRO was brought about around the time of the Church Committee hearings, very famous in their day. Seems the only political entity today that is demanding accountability for dollars spent is the tea party. Sometimes politics makes for strange bedfellows. Just a thought.

    By Blogger Frank Stalter, at Tuesday, March 22, 2011  

  • Actually, Frank, the NRO was established on August 25, 1960, and the Church committee, which grew out of the post-Watergate military and civilian intelligence agency domestic surveillance scandals met in 1975, almost 15 years later.

    By Blogger steve sawyer, at Tuesday, March 22, 2011  

  • Tony did you just see "Spies in Space" -- it's an NRO special playing on the military cable channel right now.

    So the analysts count graves to determine change of death rates, etc.

    By Blogger spiraldance, at Wednesday, March 23, 2011  

  • Great article Anthony! All your assumptions seem perfectly reasonable given the agency involved, technology they possess, and their stated mission...interesting they're not talked about more in the UFO community. Could be one of the best kept secrets in ufology.

    By Blogger Armakan, at Wednesday, March 23, 2011  

  • Thanks for stepping up to the plate, as it were, Tony. I enjoyed reading your article. My own interests led me toward the NRO as well, but later I realized that it wasn't that simple. That is it still didn't appear to "stop" at the NRO's doorstep. The NRO participates, obviously, because they control some of the satellites. But it really does seem that it is handled along the lines of standard operation proceedure, where many may, or may not participate, in disseminating the data.

    There would be the caller, the provider, and all of the relay points.

    Even the Midas Belt may come into play. As any UHF Follow-On (UFO) Satellite might be directed toward a target, it may relay the data, streamed even, to a relay network controlled by the NSA, and phone lines ala AT&T, etc. It would be very interesting to see items from any of the major sightings...such as the Belgian ones. "They" [National Security Space (NSS)?] possess unimaginable information gathering capabilities, covering vast amounts of the spectrum.

    These are the next Gen Military Intelligence Satellites. Piggy-Back-O-Rama.

    All of this falls under Combat Intelligence, Globally. This would be at the level of combining groups...NSS, NRO, NSA, etc. Still no "one" agency or group visible that seems ultimately, and soley responsible. I thought that even perhaps in the Unknown files of the NEO groups there might be some info. Not sure.

    By Blogger Bob Koford, at Saturday, March 26, 2011  

  • P.S.
    For what its worth, I feel the facts will eventually bear out that Project HEXAGON was a part of Project UFO, and both relied heavily on the J-4 configuration of the Corona system. I feel the CORONA Brochures mentioned in the Blue Book documents were part of this.

    Even in the most recent "cleared" history of the NRO, only top down systems are mentioned, because the UFO Hunter configurations would fall under Over-The-Horizon (OH)camera systems, not the look down ones. They have both capabilites.

    One will note that whenever these subjects would be on the table, in the recorded history, they fall within paragraphs which are blacked out.

    By Blogger Bob Koford, at Monday, March 28, 2011  

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