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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Einstein and UFOs

Anthony Bragalia has provided some information about Albert Einstein's connection to the UFO phenomenon.

It's at The Bragalia Files -- click HERE to see it.


  • Frank Edwards in 1956 claimed that Einstein and others wrote to Truman and gave warnings to him about UFOs in 1952. Edwards conveniently made this claim only after Einstein's death.

    AJB could search the Truman library for this letter. A letter of this importance should certainly be there. It might prove quite a daunting task to locate it, however.

    Where did Edwards get his story from anyway? Was he privy to gossip among the top scientists and their private communications to the President?

    [Contrast this with the famous 1939 'Long Island' letter from Einstein to Roosevelt about the dangers from atomic weapons, the text of which has been public knowledge for decades].

    I am curious as to why AJB thinks Einstein's reply to the evangelist, where the Einstein states "I am not curious to know" has any meaning other than what it says. If Einstein had a real interest or curiosity about UFOs, where is the documentation for it?

    By Blogger cda, at Wednesday, September 28, 2011  

  • It's an interesting footnote that would be a documented opinion rather than being evidential. Perhaps useful to press for yet another scientific study \ panel go around, which then leads to another spin at the old do they exist or not whirlygig. More than likely simply leading to more fodder for debate among experts for another fifty years. Today I am cynical on the whole socio-political-scientific entanglement.
    From a hobbyist standpoint it would make a nice curio.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Wednesday, September 28, 2011  

  • Thanks CDA for the Truman library suggestion. Daunting, but I will try. And yes, I find Einstein's reply to the evangelist insincere.


    By Blogger AJB, at Wednesday, September 28, 2011  

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