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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Oh my....Phil Klass! On the Trent/Heflin Photos

While I eschewed a few regular visitors bringing the Phill Klass "crap" over here to this blog from Kevin Randle's, I'd like to present something I found in Official UFO magazine for November 1975 that I found interesting, and showing how reasonably skeptical Phil Klass could be or seem to be.

It's an interview by George Earley with Mr. Klass [Page 20 ff.]

Entitled "Why I Don't Believe in UFOs" it contains two segments that we've touched on here, and with which I am in agreement.

They are the Trent and Heflin photos.

Now we all know that Phil Klass could be a S.O.B. and nasty man, using inuendo or worse to undercut or undermine those whose views about UFOs he abhorred, Dr. McDonald, Stan Friedman among them.

Such behavior is not unique to Klass. We have three people, one a BIG name in ufology, who've employed such tactics about me, out of envy or distaste for my views, one of the fellows, a ufological biggie asking Chris Aubeck to remove me from Aubeck's Magonia group at Yahoo, to which Aubeck, I'm sad to say, acquiesced, bringing opprobrium from my friend Nick Redfern but no re-admittance for me by Aubeck, with whom I remain friends despite his kowtowing to a spiteful man.

That aside, click HERE to get Scan One of Mr. Earley's interview with Klass -- the Trent photos, and click HERE for Scan Two of the interview -- the Heflin pics.

N.B. I've provided the material as a (JPG) scan so you'd get it intact, from the pages of Official UFO. (Click on the images to enlarge them for reading.)



  • Greetings,

    Thank you very much RR for the ressources. By "hazard" we are actualy discussing the "case" in our french forum Sceptic OVNI for September the 5 now ( http://sceptic-ovni.forumactif.com/t2527p45-la-photo-retrouvee-de-life-magazine-archive-d-un-des-fils-trent-mcminnville-pictures#39989 ), due to last SUNlite issue and the LIFE picture of a Trent's childern.

    That's cool you shared this old newspaper. I have as usual shared and mentionned the sources.

    Cheers, respects and regards,

    Gilles F.

    By Blogger Gilles. F., at Wednesday, September 07, 2011  

  • My pleasure, Gilles...

    I have more to come, about other things that your French group might find interesting.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, September 07, 2011  

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