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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Some UFO Stuff (being discussed in the UFO arena)

This February 1977 issue of Official UFO has a rebuttal letter from Bruce Maccabee about the analysis of the Trent photos by Robert Sheaffer [Contact, Page 36 ff.] in an earlier edition of the magazine (October 1976).

Mr. Maccabee gives it his all to refute Mr. Sheaffer’s evaluation with which we generally agree.

However, what caught my eye was the mention that 31 seconds expired between Photo One and Photo Two that Mr. Trent took of the flying saucer (in 1950, over his farm).

Here are the Trent Photos:

Photo 1


Timewatch 31 seconds.

How slow was Trent’s flying saucer traveling to only traverse the sky the short distance that his photos indicate?

You can read Mr. Sheaffer’s erudite critique by clicking HERE
The magazine also has an evaluation by Robert Barrow of the Tom Towers 1956 UFO movie, Unidentified Flying Objects, which is being discussed elsewhere in the UFO community [Page 26 ff.].
There is also an interview with J. Allen Hynek by The Paracast’s Gene Steinberg [Page 14 ff.]
And finally there is an interview of Phil Klass by NASA sycophant James Oberg; an interview that deals with the alleged Travis Walton abduction, which Mr. Klass, unsurprisingly, thought was a hoax [Page 18 ff.]

Phil Klass has been indulged by Kevin Randle at his blog for several days now, with a protracted debate by Lance Moody, David Rudiak, and others…all of which has nothing to do with UFOs per se, but provide alternate views of Mr. Klass, which the Official UFO article supplements and maybe clarifies: Klass wasn’t a stupid man surely, although he was, by all accounts, a skeptical S.O.B.

(I would scan the magazine but the return on investment (payback) wouldn’t offset the effort, so you might try to obtain a copy, if interested, from a collector willing to sell it.)



  • well, photographic and video evidence....

    my hobby is using L3 (low light level) video cameras to capture fireballs and bolides. piggy backed on this effort is a search for UFO's.

    most any clear night before i stumble to bed i set up my home computer and capture card to record 5 hours worth of mpeg2 video. i got hours and hours and hours in the can.

    right now i imagine myself as tycho brahe, sans the golden nose. all i need is a johannes kepler to reduce the data.

    i am slowly reviewing my backlog of videos. anyone else want to join the "fun"?

    with this bloggers permission email me: pabtiu "at" hotmail "dot" com for terms and conditions.

    men in black, moth man, DUMBs, abductions, nessy, jack the ripper,
    h.p. lovecraft, i read them all.
    talk, all talk. i gots a mountain of evidence. i wonder what's on it.

    i live close to the wanaque reservoir where a famous sighting occurred in the 60's and close to the hudson valley where the great 1970's UFO flap happened.

    at the least i expect to have recorded fireballs and bolides.

    NASA has a fireball patrol. it's called ASGARD. me? it's a hobby. i dont have to worry about losing my funding or grant money if something
    unusual pops up.

    By OpenID quantumskunk, at Tuesday, September 20, 2011  

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