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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Invaders From Mars

Our "colleague" from Bristol, Robbie Graham, has provided an hilarious (he writes) look at a deleted scene from the classic movie Invaders From Mars -- one of my favorite SciFi movies.

Robbie thinks we should view the scene for an intriguing insight of some kind, so click HERE for that "insight."



  • Thanks for the link, Rich, and to Robbie for posting it, although his attitude towards the film is that of a snarky and shallow blogger. It is a far better film than he thinks.

    I saw Invaders at a Saturday matinee when I was nine, the year it was released. It was the fave film among the kids (actually, only the boys) on the street.

    The British release had added and changed scenes, too. I've not seen it.

    To the skeptics who think it was a 'psychsocial' influence, they should take a look at its release history (theater and television) before committing themselves to applying it to some sighting.



    By Blogger Sourcerer, at Tuesday, October 04, 2011  

  • There's something about this film that has always fascinated me.

    (I have a VHS of the original that Robbie refers to, and one of the newer, but not better, version.)

    Did this film influence some abductee accounts?


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, October 04, 2011  

  • Rich: "Did this film influence some abductee accounts?"

    I don't know. I recommend confirming when it was in circulation. I remembered the movie vividly, but couldn't find a tape until the late 1990s. Tapes copied from TV were usually b&w and hacked up randomly to fit in commercials and the time slot, often with evidence of poor reception (before cable was common?). Maybe it got mothballed in 1985 when the remake was being made. I don't know if there was a tape available before then, anyway.

    The tv prints weren't network, but local and shown most likely on their "Creature Features" on Saturday late night. I think we can say for certain, that the first scenes cut were the medical probing in the saucer.

    "There's something about this film that has always fascinated me."

    It's a shoestring budge movie made by talented people. It's a boy's nightmare, but it isn't just the Martians that are the monsters, more importantly it's people, especially adults, and especially parents and authority figures. They've become cold, calculating and dangerous. It's shot from the low angle view of a child. The interior sets were built to convey a weird perspective like a 1920s German expressionistic horror film. The color is odd and very saturated. Exteriors like the path leading to the sandpit are claustrophobic.

    In short, it is a classic.



    By Blogger Sourcerer, at Wednesday, October 05, 2011  

  • It was not my intention to sound "snarky" or "shallow" - I like the film. I own it on DVD and have watched in many times. If I were writing a review of the film then of course I could devote considerable wordage to it's stunning, minimalist set design and eye-popping cinematography. I wasn't writing a film studies essay, though. I spend enough time on textual analysis writing my doctoral thesis. Forgive me if some of my hastily written daily blog posts lack the academic rigour I apply in my formal studies.

    The purpose of the post was simply to draw attention to a little known but thought-provoking scene in an iconic UFO movie. Anyway, I'm glad you like the movie.



    By Blogger Robbie Graham, at Wednesday, October 05, 2011  

  • P.S. when I said 'Invaders from Mars' was "clunky", I was referring to its plot mechanisms and to the performances of most its actors. Though, as you point out, there is consideraby more to engage with on a subtextual level.

    Those performaces, though... yikes (and a low budget is no excuse)!

    By Blogger Robbie Graham, at Wednesday, October 05, 2011  

  • Somehow the performances ADD to the dreamlike quality of the film. Not specifically mentioned here is how the set design enhances the feeling of being small like a kid, many of them filmed low angle.

    I too, love the film.


    By Blogger Lance, at Wednesday, October 05, 2011  

  • It's not a deleted scene. It was a scene filmed some time later for the UK release. (David, the kid, is noticeably older here than in the rest of the movie.)

    I have been reading the Hill material. Though Martin Kottmeyer does good work, we can't establish that the Hills saw any particular film or TV show. But that's missing the point. Kottmeyer was refuting Thomas Bullard's claim that culture provided abductees with no images to draw on, that they were "entirely unpredisposed" to form stories in the shape they did. Kottmeyer demonstrated this was patently false -- and suggested (to me anyway) that Bullard did not even look.

    By Blogger Terry the Censor, at Friday, October 07, 2011  

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