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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Robur the Conqueror and the Air-ship wave of the 1890s

Jose Caravaca has provided an analysis of the air-ship wave of the 1890s, comparing them to Jules Verne's ship The Albatross in "Robur the Conqueror" and "Master of the World."

You can read Jose's determination at his new blog(with us) by clicking HERE


  • I think it is a stronger probability that this craft existed than not, reversing my own opinion after doing some research. Daimler's 1886 lightweight gasoline engine had the potential to power such a craft. It would be interesting to examine Daimler's early production records ( if they exist) to see who purchased these first engines by serial #. Zepplin's LZ1 of 1900 was fairly large..consider it was some 400 plus feet long. Note that it was made of a frame of aluminum, commercially available in 1886. The horsepower required was only 32 HP. The technical issue was the the pilots capability of steering the craft. If this technical issue was resolved prior to 1890, such a craft could have been feasible. Zeppelin himself made the LZ1 from notes made in 1874. Perhaps we naturally prefer the fantastic. The question is, could such a craft have been constructed and flown around 1890? The short period of a decade separating the LZ1 from the flap makes this also a possibility. I am not saying all sightings were either genuine or of this craft, but it may have created a social script or meme from a few sightings. Good essay.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Thursday, October 27, 2011  

  • BTW..The first rigid airship to fly was built in the 1890s. Its skeleton and outer cover were made of aluminum, and it was powered by a 12-horsepower (9-kilowatt) Daimler gas engine connected to three propellers. Designed by David Schwarz, a timber merchant from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, it lifted off successfully in a tethered test at Templehof near Berlin, Germany, on November 3, 1897. But its propeller belts broke, the pilot lost control, and the airship crashed. Hmmm..

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Thursday, October 27, 2011  

  • Here is the LZ1 to compare to sighting reports. I am not saying the LZ1 was the source, but that a comparable ship was technically possible in that time range. It's construction was begun in the 1890's
    http://www.airships.net/wp-content/uploads/lz-1-web-a.jpg. Sorry for the multiple posts, but my broadband is acting up.
    Best Wishes

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Thursday, October 27, 2011  

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