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Sunday, November 13, 2011

The 1924 Mars Telegram -- Addenda

An earlier posting here provided a telegram from the Navy to astronomers in 1924 about signals from Mars.

Jose Antonio Caravaca, who provided the telegram has found supplemental material.

Click HERE for a 1949 article about the telegram (in Spanish).

Click HERE for a pertinent paragraph (in Spanish).

A translation:

SIGNS OF OTHER PLANETS (by Morrison Colladay. International Digest. Published in Spain in February 1949 in Revista Meridiano, Meridian Magazine)...

"In 1924, when Mars was very close to the Earth, radio engineers were trying to connect to the red planet, to hear signals that could not be identified with anything terrestrial." The New York Herald Tribune said, on August 23, 1924 that these unexplained signals were received simultaneously in London, Vancouver and Newark (New Yersey). Engineers at the station WOR, Newark, insisted that they had heard and believed regular signals that were not due to static electricity. Several Newark appliance operators heard signals simultaneously for several hours,and said it appeared as if someone was playing a low key of a piano."


  • Perhaps a localized form of pulsar phenomenon wherein "organized" signals are interpreted to be sentient when they are cellular.Naturally occurring, yet have a repetitive structure. SETI made this error once.

    At one time you could purchase VLF receivers and I did to tune into planetary sound the planet itself makes. Astonishingly eerie. You may be able to find a recording on the internet if you have not heard them. Worth a listen.

    The sounds of Jupiter as recorded by NASA have a equally astonishing symphonic quality to them that one would think was composed by a humanoid. Again worth a listen.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Sunday, November 13, 2011  

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