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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Humanoids Factor by Jose Antonio Caravaca

Spanish researcher Jose Antonio Cravaca has provided some unusual humanoid encounters in his attempt to further his views on The Distortion factor in UFO sightings.

You can read his current elaboration, at his blog, with us, by clicking HERE


  • Okay, RRR, you've won me over.

    I now fervently believe that the ETs left earth for much posher places in the universe sometime around 1980 and haven't been back since.

    Sic transit gloria mundi.

    By Blogger purrlgurrl, at Wednesday, November 23, 2011  

  • Apparently, PG, Jose Caravaca won you over.

    I'm just an intermediary.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, November 23, 2011  

  • Mr Caravaca characterises this aspect of the phenomenon as distortion whereas I call it anesthesia, which is is parsing the general characteristics of reports.
    The only tennable aim of a close scrutiny by ET regarding the surface of this planet I can imagine that would suffice to explain this aspect of the phenomenon is a exobiology study. Even this scenario has very serious
    faults. Why go to such elaborate measures, why would "they" bother? If "they" were present, their transient appearances as they are would cause as much confusion as a distorted one, as they are both distortions from our point of view. The same postulations on our part would occur. Both are diassociative. Its overly complicating a simple effect.
    Further these sightings continue, and they have changed in their nature, but these anomalies are undoubtedly still among us.
    The nuts and bolts aspect of this continues as well. I read an account by a witness of a recent triangle sighting, very similar to the Belgium descriptions, very similar to the Illinois occurances. The game remains afoot.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Thursday, November 24, 2011  

  • Mr. Duensing
    No doubt the UFO phenomenon is a part physics (a reality), but I think if close encounters, were investigate based on my theory of distortion, the investigators it would take a big surprise. The majority of the "ingredients" found in these stories are the result of the distortion (caused by them).

    Thanks to the audacity of Rich Reynolds, we know that the star map is only a distortion of a map of the WWII. A clear example of how far influences, the witness in his own experience.
    But this does not mean it is a mental phenomenon (hallucinations, lucid dreams, etc).
    If so, the incidents should increase, however, have declined (in recent years), indicating that the external cause has been restricted in their demonstrations.


    By Blogger jacarav@ca, at Thursday, November 24, 2011  

  • Jose,
    I am in agreement with you as detailed at "Intangible Materiality" up to a point. Where we diverge as far as pet theories go, what you consider to be purposeful distortion, I consider to be a transient third state of matter that arises from as of yet unknown causes, wherein inner and outer laws of reality co-mingle or better put are a singularity, or appear to be.
    The relationship between the observer and the observed is driven by the former's predisposition. I enjoy your ruminations of the subject. We agree on everything but the origin of it. Have you read "Space Time Transients" by Dr Persinger? He makes some very interesting mathematical correlations you might be interested in as far as waves, which also occur ( according to him) in areas or subjects not directly related to the phenomenon.
    Best Wishes

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Friday, November 25, 2011  

  • Jose,
    BTW..you might find this TED talk by Jacques Vallee if anything, interesting..grist for the mill.


    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Friday, November 25, 2011  

  • Bruce...

    We very much agree in our ideas. I appreciate your comments. I know the work of Persinger. I am convinced that the mind is the direct cause of many UFO experiences, although this by determining, whether a foreign agent?. I think so.
    Not rule out that the global mind (the collective unconscious) under certain circumstances and patterns, be able to "manufacture" "solid things"(a giant poltergeist)...


    By Blogger jacarav@ca, at Friday, November 25, 2011  

  • Jose,
    Perhaps we can agree that it is an ontological distortion of a librarians card catalog regardless of the origin(s)As far as foreign agencies, I think if you are saying alien (to our knowledge) I agree. I just have not seen any compelling evidence of a alien species, outside of the limitations of perceptions although I could make a convincing case for "them." I think that's the difficulty or nature of this being a proverbial quantum puzzle. The answer that fed back from the phenomenon regardless of the nature of the question always returns as yes. Whether we ask if the world is flat or the world is round, whether it is physical or non physical, whether there are ex terrestrials or not. I think that is a clue as to what we are dealing with.
    Best Wishes

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Friday, November 25, 2011  

  • Jose,
    I have appreciated reading your thoughts and theories in relation to your distortions hypothesis this last few weeks. I too feel that the human mind is the biggest determining factor within the immense diversity of reported sightings and encounters as related to UFOs.

    However my take (which is all it is Jose, nothing more, just an opinion) on the "distortion" is just a tad different. In my hypothesis the distortion is based upon as of yet undeveloped sentient qualities that humanity itself is in the process of developing via ongoing human evolution.

    As human beings, I believe everything we percieve as reality, is based upon on our fundimental sentient perceptions as they are rationally adjusted to our interdependent spacetime relationship.

    I see the human mind as directly & inseparably (interconnected) connected to the halographic reality that contains our physical being.

    When various beings that natively occupy a different spacetime relationship, or multiple spacetimes, are found to be within our our field of awareness, a part of us that normally functions (and has been developing thusly within us for many thousands of years now) routinely at night as we dream, is "forced" to the forefront of our perceptual processes. That's because our waking halographic reality has been compromised via a foriegn spacetime that normally we only have the most exotic access to while dreaming.

    In short: We are making sense out of a distortion caused by two simultaneoaly percieved halograpghic realities that we are unexpectedly merged with. Each the result of it's own sentient being's interconnected conciousness. It's also completely possible that the human being is the only one of the two the operates with an interconnected conciousness.

    By Blogger Jeff Davis, at Friday, November 25, 2011  

  • Jeff...

    Thanks for your comment.
    My theory of distortion is not related to the type of perception that you say.
    The theory of distortion is based on the use (by them) from internal resources of the human mind. They take these elements and modify them to add representation of their manifestation. For example the map of WWII (Betty Hill case) is "changed" and "placed" inside the ship. The "humanoid" interact with the map and looks like an alien object (apparently). However, this distortion can not be explained as "undeveloped sentient Qualities."
    The witness thoughts, are read and used. This is radically different from any kind of quantum perception.
    It is much easier. It resembles the functioning of the ordinary dreams. Where everyday or common elements are distorted, becoming strangers or extraordinary.
    William Laxton's case is full of these factors.
    Distortion is not a new unknown perception . It's a way to modify psychic material and present it as external to the witness (getting mislead the witness himself). When in reality it is an intrinsic part of his unconscious.


    PD: Sorry my english

    By Blogger jacarav@ca, at Friday, November 25, 2011  

  • Jose writes:

    "However, this distortion can not be explained as "undeveloped sentient Qualities."

    My question to you is, "why"? Is it not more logical to attribute the distortion to the dreamer instead of those hypothetically imposing or inducing the dream? I propose to you that attributing the distortion to the alien in terms of a form of "camouflage" is a personification. A quality or attribute, associated via origin, to human beings. Not aliens.

    Now is it not more logical to attribute the sentient distortion to the human being rather than a "hypothetical" alien? We know we possess such sentient capability, we exercise as much every night. We do not know if aliens exist at all. Which origin holds more water for our hypothesis?

    By Blogger Jeff Davis, at Saturday, November 26, 2011  

  • Jeff

    Our ideas are very similar. Two factors make me think that there is external interference on human beings.
    1 .- The presence of physical evidence
    2 .- That the phenomena, if they were one product of the mind, do not reproduce in any circumstance or time. Currently, close encounters UFO, practically disappeared. However there are many movies, books, websites, articles that talk about them. There is no psychic contagion that there should be if it were a only cause mental.

    No doubt that his view is very interesting



    By Blogger jacarav@ca, at Saturday, November 26, 2011  

  • Jose,
    I am VERY happy to be able to expound upon my thoughts by juxtaposing them with your perspective theories. In short, it makes me reach, and reach in the direction my imagination has been dancing for a while. Because of their, indeed our hypothetical similarities, it's a real chance for me to grow with respect for what is admittedly a fantastic & extremely esoteric consideration to begin with. That's a rare and most appreciated "intelligentsia" IMO.

    I would also like to thank you and Rich for pointing out the utterly AMAZING (did I just say OMFG!!!!! AMAZING, cause I should have)fact concerning the Betty & Barney Hill event. The star map was and is a completely COOL thing to foxtrot around the ol' frontal lobe with, less I digress...

    Jose, I know that I will wrestle with the language barrier, but please Sir, consider that MY deficiency and keep all the quick and "off the cuff" relevancies coming at a pace that's comfortable for you. In fact as one of the great ones here already pointed out, we always have Google translate that we can drop text into so if pure Spanish is easier/better for you, Rock N Roll and let it be.

    A mark of the type of intelligence that I admire most is that which can enthusiastically entertain two opposing notions simultaneously. With the sincerest of respect for your distortion theory, I find the hypothesis almost side by side with respect for my own thinking. Again, thanks for the impetus to "reach".

    I must hit the trail right now and won't be back for some time. One last thing to be certain, I am NOT stating (according to my hypothesis) that the events contained within UFO encounter situations are a product of the mind. Not at all. Just their interpretation and our subsequent interactions based upon and within those interpretative perceptions.

    By Blogger Jeff Davis, at Saturday, November 26, 2011  

  • Jeff

    "Just Their interpretation and based upon our Subsequent Interactions Within Those interpretive and Perceptions."

    If only it were an interpretation of the perception by the witness, there would be the interaction between the anomalous phenomenon and human beings.
    There is a juxtaposing of two types of mind, the human and the unknown.
    There are cases where it is evident that the phenomenon can exist outside the mind and cause physical reactions.
    The most important thing is that if it were some kind of mental phenomenon (or perception) descoonocido to date, close encounters UFO, continue to produce. This does not happen. Therefore there must be external causes.

    Of course I am in eternal debt to my friend Rich, he has discovered one of the best and most spectacular examples of Distortion (and no muss). Rich is genial...

    I appreciate all your comments and opinions...


    PD: For now go on with my bad English, is the only way to practice and improve.

    By Blogger jacarav@ca, at Saturday, November 26, 2011  

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