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Monday, November 14, 2011

Source(s) for real UFO buffs!

Mack Maloney provides many interesting UFO sightings, some well-known, and many more not so well-known, as noted in my slight review earlier here (below) of his 2011 book, UFOs in Wartime (Berkley/Penquin).

But I’d like to note a few that fit with our single-minded efforts to find details that show up, consistently, in early UFO sightings, but not so much in current sightings.

For instance, a strange object spotted by World War I ace, von Richthofen (The Red Baron), in the spring of 1917, was shot down by von Richthofen, according to fellow pilot Peter Waitzrik, crashing in the woods below.

Two occupants of the craft climbed out and ran into the forest.


Two occupants? Again?

The craft was said to be saucer-like, according to Waitzrik. [Page 15 ff.]

And if some UFO buffs think that the mysterious airships of the 1890s went dormant shortly thereafter, Mr. Maloney recounts found in a 1925 book (German Air Raids on Great Britain, 1914 –1918 by Joseph Martin) that indicates the airships were still being seen many and event years later.

On January 31st, 1916, a British Royal Navy Air Service sub-lieutenant J. E. Morgan espied, during one of his nightly reconnaissance flights, what he thought was a German zeppelin over London.

The ship had a row of lighted windows and an under-carriage with drawn blinds.

Despite its weird appearance, Morgan thought is was a German blimp on a mission to bomb England’s capital, as Germany had done earlier in 1915.


The object was about one-hundred feet long and Morgan drew the only weapon he had, a pistol, and shot at the thing, which “shot straight up at tremendous speed and disappeared…”

The airships departure was so fast that Morgan thought his plane was losing altitude. Disoriented by the airships action, Morgan crash-landed in a marsh.

Another pilot sighted, fifteen minutes later, something unusual caught in the searchlights scanning the London skies. Others, on the ground, also said they saw the strange object. [Page 17 ff.]

Just as the Vallee/Aubeck book, Wonders in the Sky, provides sightings from which important clues about the UFO enigma can be culled, Maloney’s book does likewise, and I suggest that those who really are serious about finding an explanation for UFOs or UFO sightings get both books and peruse them for details that might evoke an epiphany of some sort.




  • One for you.if you have not read it already..."Space-Time Transients and Unusual Events"..a compendium which was coauthored by Dr Michael Persinger who is one of less than a handful credentialed researchers. I posted a video last night at IM per one of his lectures..stimulating whether one agrees with his views or not.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Monday, November 14, 2011  

  • Thanks, very much, Bruce.

    I haven't read Persinger's compendium, but his name rings a bell with me.

    I'll check out your posted video.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, November 14, 2011  

  • 'I suggest that those who really are serious about finding an explanation for UFOs or UFO sightings get both books and peruse them for details that might evoke an epiphany of some sort.'

    Rich, I'm not so sure there's a lack of epiphanies already.

    Sometimes, it's like being in the classroom with the bright kid putting his/her hand up only to be shot down by the teacher.

    At some time or other, we've all been the kid or the teacher.

    The book sounds like a good one. It's on my list, right next to Keith Chester's.

    By Blogger Kandinsky, at Monday, November 14, 2011  

  • You know, K, that we're missing something -- all of us.

    There's a clue in all this stuff; it's just a matter of finding it or understanding it.

    There is no mystery that can't be unraveled, or so I (naively?) think to be the case.

    The problem is that we have UFO species and genera that haven't been exactly delineated by anyone as I've noted in a much earlier post at one of our blogs.

    That is, there are UFOs and then there are UFOs.

    Some brilliant person will sort it out someday, one would hope.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, November 14, 2011  

  • My copy was waiting for me when I got home from work. I'll be digging in, but it looks very solid and well sourced. Should appeal to both war and UFO buffs.

    By Blogger Frank Stalter, at Monday, November 14, 2011  

  • Another excellent book on UFOs in wartime is Keith Chester's Strange Company, which is PACKED with masses of previously unseen info on WW2 cases of UFOs, Foo Fighters etc:


    By Blogger Nick Redfern, at Monday, November 14, 2011  

  • Chester wrote the foreward to Mack's book, Nick, and helped him with the foo-fighters segments.

    Samll (UFO) world.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, November 14, 2011  

  • You and I have often touched base on existentialism as it relates to the quest for coherence through the study of "Ufology", as one area of interest. I just read a review of " Coming To Our Senses: Body and Spirit in The Hidden History of The West" by Morris Berman. I plan to order it. Depending on one's perspective it struck me that what Berman is addressing may be either peripheral or at the nexus of the why behind the why as far as the impetus of the topic of anomalies continues to roll. Sort of a time out for more context. I thought you might enjoy this while being cognizant that I may be going off topic ( once again)

    "But Berman delves still deeper here, intuiting that our root fear is that we are empty, nobody. This horror of emptiness—which Berman perceives as lying between the immediate me of the body and the mentalized me of the mind—we hide from ourselves. If we would watch ourselves, we would see that the focus of our attention and energy is consistently beyond our body. In a neat trick of compensation, our head culture obsesses body image, our own and the other person's. Thus, we live a life of compensatory images, becoming possessed by a thing, cause, religion, cult, corporation. Each a mental image, each an escape from the feeling of self, and each experienced intensely. "Devotion to secondary satisfaction," points out Berman, "is intense precisely because it ultimately provides no satisfaction." Most of us are too busy working on our tans to care. As the poet W.H. Auden put it: "We would rather die in our dread than climb the cross of the moment and see ourselves."


    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Monday, November 14, 2011  

  • Bruce:

    I don't think you are off topic at all.

    The dilemma for us, as humans, is the meaning (or non-meaning) of life, which existentialism addresses.

    "The Existential Imagination" edited by Frederick R. Karl and Leo Hamalian [Fawcett, NY, 1963] presents a literary panoply that applies to our dilemma.

    And Walter Kaufmann's classic "Existentialism from Dostoevsky to Sartre" [Meridain Books, Cleveland, 1956] allows an overview that can be applied to UFOs and ufology.

    I've addressed this earlier here at this blog and the RRRGroup blog.

    What one experiences during and after a UFO sighting or interaction causes an existential crisis, even among those who have limited intellectual acumen.

    Most UFO mavens, including the notables, haven't even tried to comprehend the UFO mystery as it affects them (or humanity) in psychical ways.

    That said, putting a philosophical patina atop the mystery merely adds one more layer of confusion.

    Fathoming the UFO enigma, we must first find out what we're dealing with: something transcendental or something banal, insipid, after all.

    It's not unlike the search for God or The Meaning of Life -- always out of reach, out of understanding.

    Thus the Existential Dilemma: who are we, why are we.

    Do UFOs mean anything in the context of such questions, or are they just distractions, like those tans you mention?

    Of course, we strive to die -- the Thanatos instinct (of Freud) so do UFOs have any importance at all, in light of that "reality."

    I don't think so...they are just a curiosity, a hobby for some, and an obsession for others, whom I pity.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, November 14, 2011  

  • We will never understand who the aliens are until we understand who WE are.

    By Blogger binnh, at Wednesday, November 16, 2011  

  • binnh...

    You have something there.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, November 16, 2011  

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