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Monday, November 21, 2011

UFO Symbology and Extraterrestrial Thought

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An attempt to decipher symbols or writings seen on UFOs in the few instances where such markings are reported is stymied by misinterpretation of markings that aren’t intelligent attempts to communicate or are hoaxed concoctions, such as the UMMO logo.


One of our obsessions has been the symbol or insignia reported by Officer Lonnie Zamora during his sighting of an egg-shaped craft in Socorro, New Mexico, April 24th, 1964.


His drawing and observation has been compromised by the allegation that the popularly known symbol is not what he really saw, but a substitution, suggested by an Air Force investigator to hoodwink possible copycat UFO witness.

(We’ve dealt with that foolishness earlier here and elsewhere, along with our views of what and where Zamora’s symbol originated; the real symbol and the contrived symbol.)

Another account of symbols allegedly observed shows up in accounts of Jesse Marcel Sr, and Jr. who reported that the debris they gathered or saw was rife with hieroglyphic-like markings.


What those markings were has been debated often and long in UFO circles, and we dismiss the Marcel reports here to avoid a rehash of the controversy.

The question for us is how could an extraterrestrial civilization or culture develop symbols or markings that are clearly recognizable or understood by Earthlings?

Sensate human writing, symbolism, and abstract mathematical renderings evolved from about 10,000 B.C. and derive from the cultural milieu that is unique to this planet and its inhabitants.


Cave paintings originated even earlier, from 40,000 B.C. but also remain unique to the human environment.


And even then, the diversity of writing and pictorial representation, acting to supplement the variety of linguistic communication, could not replicate what an alien culture would have developed to communicate within their civilization.

Ancient alien devotees will say that if there is any similarity between UFO markings and human elements of communication, the similarity derives from contact between ancient astronauts and human beings early in the history of mankind.

I won’t dismiss the AA Hypothesis out of hand, here, but will set it aside to make other points.

Mathematical symbols and mathematical processes are unique to humankind, and a quirky abstraction that could hardly be identical to concomitant extraterrestrial abstractions.


The odds of an alien culture coming up with mathematical symbols and processes like ours is beyond a statistical probability.

(Read Mathematical Thought, Volume 1, by Morris Kline, Oxford University Press, NY, 1972 to see the gist of my view.)

Either human thinking is unique or the culture subtext of imaging and writing permeates the Universe, and would have had to be generated by a prima causa – God?

Non-believers would be aghast at the suggestion that one supreme thought process infected all living, sentient things in the Universe, but that would be the only agent by which alien civilizations could have similar symbolic manifestations to those that evolved on Earth.

(Of course, one can posit that UFOs come from our future, or past, but that begs the question for some.)

Moreover, if UFOs and their markings come from inter-dimensions, alternative universes, or a realm yet to be discovered or imagined, would the mode of communication for the inhabitants of those esoteric venues be similar enough to ours to resonate?

The UFO markings gathered (or created) by Adamski and a few other UFO “witnesses” are so unesthetic and illogically represented that one can discount their authenticity out of hand.




Egyptian hieroglyphics. Sumerian clay indentations, and even cave paintings have an inherent logic and beauty to them, while markings remembered or drawn by supposed UFO witnesses are sloppy and without cryptological sense, as far as we can tell.


(Maybe extraterrestrial cultures are messy or illogical, but that would presuppose an ability to move between realities despite a lack of methodical coherency of any kind.)


If UFOs represent craft of a non-human kind, would they have insignia on them at all?

The Zamora-seen craft’s insignia is conjectured by Anthony Bragalia as a NMIT student creation as part of the activity that he writes they engaged in to prank Officer Zamora.

We see the Zamora symbol as representation by Hughes Aircraft/Toolco engineers who created the prototypical planetary lander for the military or government.

The IU engineer who remembered a hot-air balloon excursion by a paper company sees the Zamora symbol as the paper company’s logo.


Believers in the extraterrestrial explanation see the Zamora insignia as an alien symbol.

The Rendlesham symbols, remembered by one of the military witnesses seems to portray script and/or images that bespeak an Earthian origination.


A true, alien visitation would hardly display a recognizable albeit inscrutable symbol that resembles a human creation….because an alien culture would not have evolved in a way that communication or identifying marks (symbols) would be so near to what humans would construct or create.

It’s an incongruity to conjecture that UFOs would mimic human endeavors or simulated symbols; that is, unless one posits that UFOs are figments of a kind that tease human beings (the Vallee hypothesis) or that UFOs distort reality to some unfathomable end, as Spanish UFO researcher Jose Caravaca believes.

(Caravaca also questions why Betty Hill’s aliens would have, on their craft wall, a map of their interplanetary routes; such a depiction so unfuturistic and prosaic seemingly, when we humans, today use GPS or Google maps on computers to find our way around our habitable planet.)

Until we get a clear depiction of a UFO symbol or mark, from a credible witness or source, whether by photography or observation, I think we can rule out the idea that extraterrestrials are using insigniae in the same way that we Earthlings do.



  • Visual metaphor in lieu of a common language may be an area to look more closely at. As an example:

    Earthling thinks/asks visiting alien, "How do you get here?"

    Since there's no common language, the telepathic visual response might be opening and closing a book which would be a representation of the famous folding space/time like a piece of paper demonstration.

    By Blogger Frank Stalter, at Monday, November 21, 2011  

  • Frank:

    I doubt that the Earthling in your example would ask How the visitors got here.

    I'd imagine they'd ask if there was a bathroom on the craft.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, November 21, 2011  

  • No disrespect is intended toward the Marcels, but the Roswell artifact was at the time, if this did occur, just as all the other materials, would have been and has suggested to been, a matter of extreme national security. I spite of this, Marcel takes this "extraordinary" artifact to his suburban home in a cardboard box, smacks it, burns it, bends it in his kitchen or garage or whatever..This alleged event is beyond counter intuitive to me and consider they "were returned" with impunity..

    As far as the largely geometric symbols and samples of "alien writing" being purposefully intelligible..from the alien perspective..in the Roswell example, reverting to inscribing glyphs onto a specific item such as a girder versus on instrumentation lacks pragmatic logic. The key is math..of course the assumption would be a similar number base, the glyphs being designations as labels..have no correlations as a self referential system.
    However, throwing the baby out with the bathwater serves no purpose in this as it assumes everyone was fabricating what constitutes evidence of such writing. Perhaps in some cases, what was seen was described accurately. If so, I think they are a product of the observer inasmuch as same had no wherewithal to construct an alien language on the fly, and may have superimposed glyphs as representations of their anticipation of what" alien language" should be as perceived. A sophisticated and complex bio-neurological superimposition of structure that the brain is wont to do under all circumstances is a possibility..

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Tuesday, November 22, 2011  

  • Bruce:

    I can't fault Jesse Marcel Sr. for flouting protocol.

    He found, allegedly, a strange artifact and wanted to scutinize it, with his family members, before losing it to officialdom.

    As for persons transcribing symbols or writing that accompanies a UFO event, that, to me, is bogus, as the semiotic similarities between an alien culture and human (Earth) culture cannot exist, in my view of how Universal life evolves, with the caveats I've presented.

    Your point about transcribing on the fly, nonetheless is a valid point in an otherwise Earthian situation.

    I just can't see how an extraterrestrial civilization could derive symbols, signs, and/or writing that approaches our own, even those symbols or writings that have an alien air (a weird bizarreness) in their renderings by witnesses.

    Unless, as I point out, there is a constant cultural factor or impetus in place throughout the Universe or existence itself (multiple universes, other dimensions, et cetera), created by a sentient being or force we can call God, alien symbols are, for me, a contrivance of addled minds, or tricks of the "others" that Jose Caravaca is discussing with me offline.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, November 22, 2011  

  • There are other critical assumptions as well as far as semiotics. Their sensory organs are similar to ours, meaning that visual organs are predominate in regard to other senses. No language is the object it describes, so even if the self referential logic of the language can be demonstrated by a large enough sampling, it does not necessarily mean that the semiotic connection of referents are similar to ours. They could well describe unknowns in our own semiotic references.
    The strong connection between the nature of dreams and the nature of the aggregate sum of accounts to me, relates to the processes of neuro-biology and imaging..imagination as a crucial process of sentience. Simulating intelligible forms. The question is, is this a natural law we do not fully understand and relegate it to fantasies? The question remains, if this is so, could our neurology be tampered with? I think this has already been proven reasonably. Experiments at Laurentian University have created many possibilities that can be analyzed in terms of imagination read imaging in relation to this phenomenon in regard to energetic fields that have been attenuated to achieve this effect.
    Dr Presingers book "Space Time Transients" makes a compelling case against a "extraterrestrial" origin. It is everything "Wonders In The Sky" was not. The question remains open, if alien naturalists had a interest in our ecology which includes us, then you could reasonably suggest that befuddling the subject is the most humane and least invasive technique to avoid a case of outright tampering that would well.. putting the patient asleep while investigations are ongoing..

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Tuesday, November 22, 2011  

  • BTW..the post I am working on covers this anesthetic aspect of the phenomenon in relation to a correlation between a alien naturalist and what would possibly be areas of interest to them.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Tuesday, November 22, 2011  

  • Bruce:

    Why would alien naturalists be obsessed with Earth and its humans, when one can assume there are more exotic ecologies and beings elsewhere in the Universe or multiverse?

    The "Earth is a laboratory" hypothesis fascinates, and I can accept the possibility, as banal as the supposition is.

    You, Vallee, and mi amigo, Jose Caravaca like to posit an alien intrusion of some kind to explain UFO "contacts" or psychical anomalies.

    I'm not an 'Earth is unique" believer, but I do think that the Earth and its humanity belong to a quirky set of circumstances, but one not quirkier than elsewhere in the vast reality that lies outside our observable venue.

    That "others" would deign to fool around with our neurology is an anthropomorphic idea that doesn't capture my imagination.

    Unless, we are "property."

    If that's the case, I say to the "others," get on with it.

    The strange machinations are becoming boring and insipid.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, November 22, 2011  

  • I do not think that the extraterrestrial hypothesis is tenable. I think what is occurring is the result of unknown properties of natural, albeit unknown, laws in relation to this phenomenon.
    I think laying out the variables is important for the consideration of analysis..and yes the subject has become a sort of toxic cartoon authored by what a consider to be, the majority of uninformed Cartoonologists. Having cancer puts a certain perspective on where one's curiosity is led, and this one has become a heat sink for larger issues, an interesting one depending on who the author is, but the majority well..I don't go past the inane titles..and their exaggerated import.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Tuesday, November 22, 2011  

  • Bruce:

    The "why we're here" -- The Meaning of Life inquiry -- has been, for me, a sine qua non.

    And I thought, once, that UFOs might provide an answer or, at least, a clue.

    But as the possibility of that happening wanes, I've sunk into existential ennui.

    I'm merely hanging on by a fingernail, still optimistic, foolishly, that the UFO phenomenon is entree to meaning.

    I like the ET hypothesis, even though it is highly untenable, as you note.

    It's a boyhood fantasy I can't shake, even though I've eschewed my Science Fiction library for years now.

    (Anyone wanting a Sci-Fi book, for free, send me a note. If I have the title you want, I'll mail it off to you.)


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, November 22, 2011  

  • I share your perspective only in my case its a matter of hanging on by a fraction of a fingernail. My boyhood dreams lie sunken at the bottom of the pond but I do have that active inner child that finds more rewarding ways of expression, none the less. I don't expect nor anticipate any revelations though mine may have taken a different tact as far as pursuing them. Same difference. Smaller scales are now my larger interest.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Tuesday, November 22, 2011  

  • Yes, Bruce, it is the "little" things that matter or bring pleasure.

    The macro-things can take care of themselves.

    But you and I can indulge in ruminating on the macro, without getting overly exercised, can't we?

    It's a kind of intellecual dessert.

    (Or should I have type "desert"?)


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, November 22, 2011  

  • I agree..

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Tuesday, November 22, 2011  

  • I just can't see how an extraterrestrial civilization could derive symbols, signs, and/or writing that approaches our own, even those symbols or writings that have an alien air (a weird bizarreness) in their renderings by witnesses.

    Are you saying that the Platonic Solids are the sorts of things that only human beings could come up with? It seems to me that any alien, sufficiently advanced, would come up with them.

    By Blogger Parakletos, at Friday, December 02, 2011  

  • It was Tillich that argued that symbols participate in the thing they point to.

    If Tillich could figure that out, might we expect aliens to as well?

    By Blogger Parakletos, at Friday, December 16, 2011  

  • I too once in 1968, along with several others witnessed an illuminated egg-shaped silent object with the identical markings that Lonnie Zamora saw in 1964.

    Google: egg shaped ufo spotted in 1968, Dracut, Ma.

    By Blogger N1KZedC, at Monday, January 30, 2012  

  • The only thing that would be valid in immediate reference between alien cultures advanced enough for flight is geometry. A triangle is still a triangle a circle is still a circle and a spiral is still a spiral. Geometric shapes would be the only common factor between any alien culture. What those symbols are called and their specific designation would not be known without context. Pi is still pi no matter the math base. Most enduring languages often use common geometric shapes as part of its written languages. Pick any language you may want and they all have at some point use of geometric shapes to impart instruction or meaning.

    By Blogger pablo222, at Friday, November 30, 2012  

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