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Saturday, December 17, 2011

A photographer, J. Laurent, took some photos of the Cadiz skyline in about 1850 or so.

Jose Caravaca found that the photos contain something in the sky, on two of the photos.

The "object" is reversed for each photo; that is, the thing is pointing one way in one photo and another way in a second photo.

He's asking if anyone has an opinion about the "thing" seen.

I think the "object" is a photo or lens flaw.

But your opinion is what Senor Caravaca seeks.

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  • I have to agree in the sense that at a gut level the object seems (in my ignorant to technical analysis of photographs way)to be a flaw of some sort. Possibly in the photo stock, or some contaminate that tainted the development process. I have no real knowledge of antiquated photo taking, or development process, but it would seem according to the symmetrical nature of the two photos, which one wonders if they were taken successively, could have also been the result of a tiny insect, or random debris that got squashed/wedged between two photo plates, prior to the image's capture. Yet again, "grain of salt" conjecture stuff here due to my lack of experience in the matter.

    Incidentally, cool & beautiful photos Jose. Having for me an alluring, "The Arabian Knights meet MC Escher at the Beach", vibe going. ;-) Would love to see the originals despite the fact that I'm not so sure at this point whether either photo sports the likeness of a "real magic carpet", or not. I'm leaning towards the the "most likely a flaw in the photo itself" perspective.

    By Blogger Jeff Davis, at Sunday, December 18, 2011  

  • On one hand, it appears to be a body with a serrated tail whose abbreviated arms uphold curvilinear air sacs with short arm like limbs, that fills the margins between a fanciful craft and a living creature as if it were the signet of a hybridized dream of an unknown aviary, but then again, what sort of flaw can we ascertain in perception whether it's in the chemistry of a photographic plate, or our desire to possess certainty as a sort of addiction, whereas there is none to be had and such is our lot.
    I would call it a curio of uncertainty in perception, the sort we are drawn to..that in of themselves signify nothing whereas our intent and anticipation make the prosaic a wonder and wonders..prosaic. It says more about us than of itself and that my good friends says a great deal about the transcendent drive toward paranormal pastoralism in all of us. To wrest clouds to the ground. Tag them and feel better for having corralled and domesticated dreams. And what if we did "capture" them? I loathe to dwell on that outcome..it would as they say, come to no good.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Monday, December 19, 2011  

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