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Monday, January 10, 2011

The Catalina UFO [1966]

Our friend Frank Stalter noted in the comment section of the Colorado 1963 UFO posting that he liked the Catalina UFO, filmed in 1966 (pictured above).

We noted that the UFO, when analyzed, turned out to be a small commercial aircraft.

Frank found the analysis and provides it here:

The Catalina UFO

The 1963 Colorado UFO

In a comment for the Darwinian Ufology posting, I mentioned a clip that we inserted at this blog (and others), early on, that represents, for us, a view of the ultimate evolutionary UFO, which also examples Tony Bragalia’s morphing metal, as found in the Roswell crashed saucer(s) and examined, he has discovered, by Battelle (and other research entities that work for the United States government and/or military).

Here are three clips (from YouTube) of the UFO filmed in 1963 in Colorado – note the changing shape of the UFO: