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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Ufology: A lack of nuance, culture, and/or refinement

While some UFO researchers are skilled at ferreting out minutiae and quantum-like details inside some UFO events, their work lacks nuance, refinement.

Context is an overview for them, as it is for most UFO bloggers and webmasters.

Subtlety is not the forte of “ufologists” or UFO mavens.

The grotesque grammatical assault on language and meaning is exampled by a plethora of UFO blogs and List-habitues which are eschewed by those with some semblance of sensibilities, but avidly followed by those who haven’t a clue about grammatical structure or the meaning or words nor a care for refinement of thought and online behavior.

UFO events and sightings have been and are treated cavalierly, even callously.

The nuance of sightings is sidelined and the sensationalist elements of UFO sightings and events are hyped and published with zeal.

The “bull in a China shop” behavior prevails and is the modus operandi of almost every UFO aficionado we’ve experienced over the years and in this blog’s comments all too often.

Commentary here, and at our other blogs, even from media persons, is usually shorn of mental discipline and good taste, to say nothing of the dearth of refined intellectualism.

Knowing a lot of smoldering aspects of UFO sightings, classic and newer, doesn’t make for research, sensate investigation, unique theorizing, nor an analogy for science.

And that’s been the problem and is the problem with the whole UFO shebang, since the beginning but worse now than ever before, as the lowest rabble have infiltrated the subject matter and absconded with it.

Fortunately, we’ve been able to control our environment, keeping out the riff-raff and ne’er do wells such as….well, you know….

We’ll continue to exploit our ability to keep this UFO bailiwick as cultured, as intellectual, as refined, as nuanced as we are able.

We hope that our regulars agree…..