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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Quantum Computing and UFOs


The New Yorker magazine has an article in its May 2nd, 2011 issue that may be applicable to the study of UFOs: Dream Machine by Rivka Galchen, Page 34 ff.


David Deutsch, who wrote The Fabric of Reality and The Beginning of Infinity, may not be interested in UFOs per se, but he does provide insights about quantum mechanics, computing, physics and science, generally, which could be used by serious UFO researchers to address that ongoing enigma.


Deutsch is the major contributor to the idea of quantum computing, which he suggests can address the Multiple Worlds/Universes hypothesis, while providing clarification of quantum’s theories of superposition and entanglement, that provide a UFO connection perhaps.


If some of you are inclined to conjecture, intellectually, about the UFO mystery, you would do well to read the New Yorker piece. It will provide grist for imaginative ruminations.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Not exactly rats, but...

UFO mavens are abandoning, in droves, UFO UpDates, that slovenly hovel where UFO geezers and close-minded. fascistic-like UFO aficionados have congregated for years, to hawk their mind-numbing hypotheses about flying saucers while stifling open discussion and intelligence.

A foul-stenching clique has arisen at UpDates, containing such one time UFO luminaries at Jerome Clark, Don Ledger, Bruce Maccabee, Kentaro Mori, among others.

But those luminary-lights have dimmed considerably in recent years, and what we’ve noted for some time now, about the UpDate list-master, Errol Bruce-Knapp and his minions, has finally come to awareness by slow-to-get-the-message UFO hobbyists.

Our friend Paul Kimball, at his blog – The Other Side of Truth – has relieved himself, once again, of UpDate visitations, because of how Bruce-Knapp closed the door on Carol Rainey, whose excoriation of Budd Hopkins’ abduction methodology brought opprobrium in spades, to Hopkins, Ms. Rainey herself, and advocates on both sides.

You can see Mr. Kimball’s rejoinder and reasons for abandoning UpDates about this matter by clicking here.

Brit UFO researcher and folklore expert David Clarke left UpDates several months ago, after suffering megalomaniacal attacks by Jerry Clark, who uses UpDates to showcase his past UFO acumen and lost-stature as a bona fide UFO writer/researcher.

Others have left because they were held at bay or bludgeoned by the likes of Bruce-Knapp’s lapdogs whom we know, first hand, to be a truth-bending, sociopathic personalities, jealous of thinkers who capture the UFO audience, while they lie fallow in the muck of their disgusting mind-sets and hatred of the truths that they pervert.

At any rate, UpDates is in its final decline, and will be out of business by the end of 2011.

We’ve told you so, and now persons with more street cred than us are doing so also.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Not the "God Particle" but maybe the Jesus Particle?

Fermilab finds intriguing "particle."

Monday, April 25, 2011

SETI: Down but not out....

SETI loses funding

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Whoever has ears to listen, let him listen...

Mark 4:23