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Friday, May 06, 2011

A real or a bogus alien abduction?

Anomalist posted this link about a camera-captured alien abduction:

Anomalist link

And in that story was this link to the camera footage that shows a women in bed, who "melts" into it and then reappears several minutes later:

The camera footage (from YouTube)

It's a strange story and a stranger piece of video.

Wait patiently for the "melting" to occur, then I'd be interested in what you blokes think about the video and story...(and let's not be silly this time around).


The Morpheus/Socorro Lander

This insignia is an evolved symbol, just as the Morpheus Lander is an evolved Lunar Lander, derived from the initial Hughes Aircraft designed lander that accounts for, in our estimation, the Zamora sighting in Socorro in 1964.

Morpehus is on Facebook -- click here

The "official web-site may be found by clicking here

We'll have much more about this upcoming....