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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Roswell will not die!

Despite our best efforts to kill or put Roswell on a back-burner, the incident continues to rear its ufological head.

The new Jacobsen book, Area 51, revives the UFO monster and Nick Redfern addresses the incident at UFO Mystic and in other postings, which you can read by clicking HERE and HERE.

Click here for The UFO Mystic post

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Nick Redfern scrutinizes Jacobsen book

Nick Redfern takes another look at the new Roswell interepretation by Annie Jacobsen in Area 51, her recent book.

Ms. Jacobsen's work reminds us of Mr. Redfern's Body Snatchers in the Desert and other works.

For some more comparisons, gathered by Mr. Redfern, click HERE

Flying Saucers and The Descent into Madness

Anthony Bragalia presents some personal insights about "madness" stemming from the study of flying saucers.

You will find his trek through the matter by clicking here