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Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Gary Wilcox Event (from The Night Sky web-site)

One of the best UFO sites we've discovered is The Night Sky which can be accessed by clicking HERE.

Check out the offerings under the Stories label.

And for those who want the most thorough account of the April 24th, 1964 Gary Wilcox incident, which mimics, somewhat, the Lonnie Zamora/Socorro sighting, click HERE.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Jacobsen and her book, Area 51, disputed by ABC News

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nick Redfern's New Book: The REAL Men in Black

Nick Redfern's new book, The REAL Men in Black, is about to appear on internet and store book shelves....get it when it does.

Nick has provided a publicity-offered page from the book. Click HERE for that page.

(Image from UFO Era)

Bruce Duensing!

Bruce Duensing is a brilliant man.

His blog -- Intangible Materiality -- is flush with incandescent insights and highly intellectual ruminations.

Click here for access to his blog -- and scroll down for edifications of a unique kind.

A Socorro-like Sighting (in the same time-frame/locale)

Artist's (wrong) rendition of the La Madera sighting

26 April 1964 12:30 La Madera, New Mexico, USA

A bright, metallic, egg-shaped object was seen on the ground.

At 12:30 p.m. Orlando Gallegos observed a bright, metallic, egg-shaped object about 70 meters away, on the ground, north of La Madera, New Mexico . Blue flames appeared to circle the base of the machine, which was silent and about the length of a telephone pole. Scorch marks and four imprints were found, according to Police Capt. Martin Vigil.

Also on the same day, a thirty-foot wide silver, inverted bathtup-shaped UFO was sighted near Truth of Consequences, New Mexico by a Mr. Mitropolis. It was seen a quarter of a mile to the east, flew up over a mountain, then down out of sight near the Caballo Reservoir. Orlando Gallegos observed a bright, metallic, egg-shaped object about 70 meters away, on the ground, north of La Madera. Blue flames appeared to circle the base of the machine, which was silent and about the length of a telephone pole.

Scorch marks and four imprints were found, according to Police Capt. Martin Vigil. An object was observed. Occupants of the craft were seen. Ground traces were found. Animal reactions to the object were reported.

One blue-metallic ball, about 20 feet across, around 300 feet away, was observed by one male 35-year-old witness at a ranch for over one minute (Gallegos). No sound was heard.


N.B. This sighting either confirms the lunar-landing hypothesis -- the lander being tested in other New Mexico locales (a bit far-fetched) or Zamora's craft made other appearances or landings, indicating something more than a lander was involved.

Socorro Recap

A site that most of you may be familiar with but should re-visit is the Dave Thomas site, which provides a cogent recap of the explanations for Lonnie Zamora's Socorro UFO sighting of 1964.

Mr. Thomas writes that Zamora saw a lunar-landing test. (We agree)

But check out Dave Thomas' reasoning by clicking HERE

For us, the Socorro insignia/symbol that Zamora drew, which has been flummoxed by Stanford's intrusion into the episode, is the "smoking gun" which will explain who or what is responsible for the Socorro sighting.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Time for some fun?

Nick Redfern sends us to a site where a cartoonist provides some excellent and funny caricatures of prominent UFO people.

Click here to access the site and the cartoons...enjoy!

Nick Redfern still seethes....

Nick Redfern is still brooding over that Jacobsen farce -- Area 51.

Here he presents an old view of his and a book that he likes.

Confining our blogs....


Today, Wednesday, May 25th, 2011, comments to this blog were not automatically sent to us for moderation. I had to go into our e-mail service and retrieve them, which allowed me to scrutinize responses more judiciously than usual, and without them being sampled by other here.

I continue to be distressed by the slovenly thought-processes that are exampled by what purports to be critical thinking about our postings.

In dialogue with other bloggers and friends, I’ve decided that we shall confine comments here to those that reflect intellectual, open-minded rumination, and not knee-jerk response to things written by us and others, which torment an ingrained belief-system or narrow-minded, non-objective cogitation.

There are several (many, actually) commenters we look forward to hearing from but a few that irk us with their bigoted, snotty, unthinking commentary.

From this point on, more so than our usual fascistic deletion of comments that we don’t like, we’ll not be approving comments from some who visit here.

We have a respect for some of you -- your intellectual proclivities, your open-minded objectivity, even-handed skepticism, and your genteel approach to our oblique and beleaguered postings, some of which I agree are over the top.

Your comments will continue to be registered here.

But if you send us a comment that doesn’t appear, and it’s not the fault of our blogging service, you know where you stand with us.

So don’t go away angry…just go away…..



Monday, May 23, 2011

The Robert Taylor 1979 UFO Encounter


On November 9th, 1979, Robert Taylor, a forester in Scotland, had a weird encounter with a strange “craft” in Dechmont Woods near Livingston, Scotland.

The incident is often referred to as the Livingston Incident or the Dechmont Woods Encounter and can be read about at UFO Casebook:

UFO Casebook

Or at Wikipedia:


And here is a link to a YouTube video about the incident:


What interests us, besides the nature of the alleged encounter, is that the described “craft” is highly reminiscent of a Hughes prototype for a lunar or Mars capsule to house astronauts:


And here is a graphic of another UFO sighting in Scotland:


And a representation of a Scotland event in 1964 (around the time of the Lonnie Zamora/Socorro sighting, which we think was a sighting of a Hughes lunar-landing prototype):


A CIA operative, Bosco Nedlelcovic, who communicated with us in the 1970s, told us that the CIA was engaged in staged flying saucer events – The Villas Boas case (as outlined in Nick Redfern’s book, Contactees, Chapter 20) and the infamous Scoriton incident in England (covered here in an earlier blog post).

We conjecture that the Robert Taylor episode was a CIA-staged event, using the Hughes prototypical craft, which was ensconced and tested in the British Isles in the 1960s/1970s time-frame.

Fate magazine’s account in 1980 outlines the event in a way that corroborates, we think, our Hughes/CIA view:


The REAL Men In Black!

Nick Redfern provides commentary on his new book, The REAL Men in Black.

Click here for that commentary