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Thursday, August 25, 2011

UFOs: Past, Present, Future

Wonders in the Sky by Jacques Vallee and Chris Aubeck have countless sightings that are replicated in modern UFO literature, with modern sightings sometimes providing photographic support.

For instance, Vallee and Aubeck provide this sighting [Number 417] on Page 306 of the paperback:

12 January 1836, Cherbourg, France – A “luminous body…two-thirds the size of the moon” was witnessed at 6:30 p.m. “Central to it there seemed to be a dark cavity.”

Here is a series of photos taken by George Stock of Passaic, New Jersey July 28th, 1952:


The UFO depicted mimics the Cherbourg sighting listed in Wonders…

(And note that the Stock UFO resembles, almost exactly, a few other UFOs photographed in the 1950s and 1960s:




One of the allegedly hoaxed Heflin photos

Anthony Bragalia thinks UFOs are shape-changers.

Wonders….has a number of sightings that indicate shape-changing; e.g., Item 371, Page 274

This photo, which I think is fake, from Anthony's Wanaque research shows a luminance that showed up in the other photos below:



The questionable 1954 Darbishire photo

A plethora of sightings listed in Wonders…also indicates luminance; e.g., Pages 55, 103, 114, 123, 195, 235, 252, 253, 266, 283, 298, 305, 330 343.

Anthony also notes UFOs that emit rays of lights, as in the (in)famous Wanaque photograph.


Wonders…also lists sightings where rays of light are emitted; e.g. Item 167 Page 141; Item 329 Page 253; Item 346 Page 261; Item 410 Page 303

Then we find a rather well-known UFO photo that emulates the vapor-trail of the alleged Aurora prototype:


Wonders…lists some old sightings that also precede, by witness observation, the Aurora residue; e. g., Item 89 Page 96

My point?

That “modern” sightings antedate very similar, almost exact sightings and peculiarities as noted by Vallee, Aubeck, and Bragalia’s interests, among others, emulate ancient or older sightings which seem to confirm that something with a pattern is at work when it comes to UFO phenomena.

What’s old is new again, apparently….


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nick Redfern recommends UFO "oldies"

This two-fer contains books that many of us read, way back when, and thought, perhaps, were authentic tales.

Nick Redfern recommends the book(s), and the Allingham story is one that our friend CDA played a part in.

Click here for Nick's pre-review comments

Is Earth an alien zoo?

A new study says that Earth is home to (approximately) 8.7 million species.

Click her for news-story

There has, almost from the beginning of the modern UFO era (1947), been a few hypothetical thrusts saying that Earth might be a zoo where species have been brought or created and dispersed for extraterrestrial purposes which remain totally hidden.

The idea may seem fanciful at first glance, but isn’t outside the realm of possibility,

The idea, along with the penal colony thesis, can be elaborated upon and made sensible when one examines the idea that an alien species from other worlds, should there be any, could very well use the Earth as a laboratory or park containing animals, plants, humans, insects, reptiles, and other elements of life.

This would explain the vast array of UFO visitations over the years, and supports the hypothesis that alien beings have taken a particular interest in the Earth as regards atomic or ecological devastation, both of which having the potential to destroy eons of lab work or eliminating an extraterrestrial “vacation venue.”

Earth could be the lab-source for species meant to be seeded throughout the galaxies or, at least, one of the lab-sources.

Wikipedia has a succinct review of the Alien zoo hypothesis ,which may be read by clicking HERE.

For me, the zoo idea is not as zany as many other hypotheses which have pummeled UFO devotees of the years.

What do you think?


James Clark on UFOs -- sensibly, we think

James Clark is a freelancer, who contributes to the Morton Report.

His recent outing about UFOs is must-reading for believers and skeptics.

Click here for his musings

Monday, August 22, 2011

Crazy News!

Aliens might destroy Earth?

And from Nick Redfern -- bird attacks!

Wanaque Wonders in 1749 England

On page 432 of Jacques Vallee’s and Chris Aubeck’s book, Wonders in the Sky [Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin, NY, 2010] is this:

15 September 1749, Rutland, England – Watering Intruder

An object created a sprout that roared, took water from a river [Welland], shot light beams to the ground, and broke rocks….

This 18th Century account mimics what happened at Wanaque Reservoir, New Jersey in 1966, and recounted recently, again, by Anthony Bragalia at The Bragalia Files (http://bragalia.blogspot.com).

There are other early accounts in the Vallee/Aubeck book about such water-gathering by UFO-like objects.

And Mr. Bragalia provides fairly current sightings where water-gathering and light beams take place during UFO sightings by credible witnesses.

The 1966 Ann Arbor/Dexter/Hillsdale “swamp gas” sightings also involved what seemed to be water-gathering, as the witnesses indicated in interviews at the time.

This seems to be a clue of some kind, that may be essential to an explanation of what UFOs are and their purpose.

This aspect of the phenomenon has gotten short shrift by UFO researchers, except for Bragalia and a few others.

It should be grist for investigation, perhaps….