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Monday, August 22, 2011

Crazy News!

Aliens might destroy Earth?

And from Nick Redfern -- bird attacks!

Wanaque Wonders in 1749 England

On page 432 of Jacques Vallee’s and Chris Aubeck’s book, Wonders in the Sky [Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin, NY, 2010] is this:

15 September 1749, Rutland, England – Watering Intruder

An object created a sprout that roared, took water from a river [Welland], shot light beams to the ground, and broke rocks….

This 18th Century account mimics what happened at Wanaque Reservoir, New Jersey in 1966, and recounted recently, again, by Anthony Bragalia at The Bragalia Files (http://bragalia.blogspot.com).

There are other early accounts in the Vallee/Aubeck book about such water-gathering by UFO-like objects.

And Mr. Bragalia provides fairly current sightings where water-gathering and light beams take place during UFO sightings by credible witnesses.

The 1966 Ann Arbor/Dexter/Hillsdale “swamp gas” sightings also involved what seemed to be water-gathering, as the witnesses indicated in interviews at the time.

This seems to be a clue of some kind, that may be essential to an explanation of what UFOs are and their purpose.

This aspect of the phenomenon has gotten short shrift by UFO researchers, except for Bragalia and a few others.

It should be grist for investigation, perhaps….