UFO Conjectures

Monday, September 05, 2011

The Unraveling of Ufology

It is obvious to the observer who’s paying attention that the topic of UFOs has reached a nadir.

The problem is much worse than when we noted the submersion several months ago or when Paul Kimball saw the writing on the wall causing him to ostensibly withdraw from the UFO scene, again, in July.

UFO debate is either totally bizarre, as practiced by newbies stumbling on the raft of UFO blogs and web-sites extant or the UFO debate has become impotent and irrelevant because of the site-tracking of substantive issues by protracted and silly confrontations about peripheral issues – really peripheral – as one can see at Kevin Randles’ blog or UFO Updates (about Phil Klass at Randle’s site and totally inane topics at UpDates).

The UFO subject matter has been weakened more than ever by the onslaught of stupid argumentation -- and I really mean stupid!

The oneupsmanship desired by some skeptics (and UFO advocates) has pulled UFO hypothesizing and investigation from the realm of intellectual or intelligent discourse to a realm of petty bickering about minutiae that is so much farther on the fringe of practical reality that it makes ufology as a “discipline” seem positively profound.

Visitors to our blog(s) and Randle’s, among others, more often than not, skew the original posting premise and take the material to the outskirts of banality.

I thought that we might corral some intellectual discussions here, but I was wrong.

For instance, Anthony Bragalia has done research on the 1966 Wanaque sighting that is intriguing but his work has been stiffed by most who’ve read it.

And we note that a discussion at Randle’s blog, about UFO curmudgeon Phil Klass’s malevolence had some sidebars about the alleged Socorro sighting, as a set-up job or hoax.

Yet, no one had the temerity or smarts to incorporate Anthony Bragalia’s hoax hypothesis (which, even if discounted, has enough circumstantial elements that allow a sensible person to see the possibility that a hoax was in place during or concomitant to the 1964 sighting) into the comment section where Randle, himself, has succumbed to the red-herrings and non-topical broadsides of the commentators.

One-time UFO devotees has become harpies, persons who want to show how much UFO minutiae they’ve accumulated and how that puts them atop the Ufological mountain which, itself, has been a dung-heap for a long-time now.

UFOs, as a topic, have become slimier and slimier of late and we, like Paul Kimball and a few others, have to weigh whether or not we wish to muck around in the effluvia any longer….