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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Roswell Dream Team?

Kevin Randle’s blog indicates that he, Tom Carey, and Don Schmitt have formed a “dream team” – no ego in that! – to re-open an investigation into Roswell – a cold-case kind of thing Randle writes.

Mr. Randle is as obsessed with Roswell as we are with Socorro and a few other UFO incidents.

We actually wish Randle et al. some success, as Roswell remains an open question; something happened near there in July 1947 and no one has really discerned what that something was. (Maybe it was just a minor event that has gotten blown up into a UFO mythos as Christopher Allen, Lance Moody, and French UFO researcher, Gilles Fernandez, among others, believe)

That said, let me tell you that Anthony Bragalia should have been invited to join the dream team. He is one researcher who has discovered some important Roswell minutiae over the past few years.

Moreover, Anthony Bragalia has recently found some revelatory and truly significant material – no, not about nitinol (that so-called memory metal).

If what Mr. Bragalia has found turns out to be as real as it seems to be, Roswell may become as relevant, as some think it is, to the UFO enigma.

I cannot disclose what Mr. Bragalia has uncovered in his exhaustive research; that is for him to do.

But I assure you, that what he’s stumbled upon is not trivial and opens cans of worms that will cause some in the government, if its disclosed, to fill their pants with merde. I do not exaggerate here.

So, dream team? Without Bragalia it’s just dreaming…