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Sunday, November 06, 2011

A book recommendation for some....

This 256 page book by Albert Budden [Blandford, London, 1995] is a must-read for a few of our visitors here.

Nick Redfern may have a copy, but if not, he should get one, as should Bruce Duensing, Jose Caravaca, and maybe Kandinsky (because the many UFO events exampled in the book take place in The United Kingdom).

Auhtor Budden presents an extended hypothesis that UFOs are intertwined with electromagnetics, which he has dubbed electro-staging.

Mr. Budden writes that UFOs and encounters with UFO entities derive from changes in the Earth's magnetic field and present a psychic "reality" of high strangeness.

The author is no tyro, and his compilation of data and UFO accounts should be taken very seriously by those who think they are UFO researchers.

This isn't a review as such, just a suggested read.


So Kenneth Arnold was a sober, sensible man, right?

Where is this film?