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Friday, November 25, 2011

Help requested

French UFO researcher, Gilles Fernandez asks a favor of visitors here (to our blog).

Gilles’ forum (in France)– Skeptic Ovni: Forum d’étude pragmatique du phénomène ovni is seeking information about UFO accounts you consider solved or explained.

He writes this, in his fractured English, which I’ve deciphered as best as I can:

What are your best 3 ufological cases* - belonging to the shared/general casuistic** - that you consider now as explained, or enough explained, and which precisely have had the greatest impact on you, when you discovered/understood they were trivial/prosaic?

These cases have had just a "good level of strangeness" before for you, but precisely they are now for you explained, or enough explained?

In others words, what are your top 3 IFO [Identified Flying Objects] cases which have had the greatest impact to you personally?

Thank you very much for your participation, open to all, no matter what your main opinion regarding UFOs is.

Best regards,

Gilles Fernandez

* You can give less or more
** I mean not a case you were a direct witness to or one of your own possible sightings.