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Saturday, December 03, 2011

A resource for UFO sightings. overlooked by aficionados of the phenomenon


Intellectually scourged “academic” Immanuel Velikovsky developed a theory about how our planetary (solar) system and Earth were formed and subject to catastrophes that were recorded by humans in many histories and works, such as The Bible, (Asian) Indian hymns and stories, Greek myths, Egyptian hieroglyphic remnants, Homer, and many, many more ancient accounts.

His theory may be found in two works, Worlds in Collision [1950] and Earth in Upheaval [1955].


Science has eschewed Velikovsky’s theory, but his insights keep popping up as NASA and cosmologists scrutinize the planets in our system.

While Velikovsky insisted that cosmological events were what humans saw and recorded, one can look pass his interpretations to find what could be UFO sightings.

For instance, this…

In The City of God by Augustine it is written:

“From the book of Marcus Varro, entitled Of the Race of the Roman People, I cite word for word the following instance: ‘There occurred a remarkable celestial portent; for Castor records that in the brilliant star Venus, called Vesperugo by Plautus, and the lovely Hesperus by Homer, there occurred so strange a prodigy, that it changed its color, size, form, course, which never happened before nor since. Adrastus of Cyzicus and Dion of Naples, famous mathematicians, said this occurred in the reign of Ogyges’” [Worlds in Collision, A Delta Book, 1965, Page 158]

Velikovsky supplemented his theory in later books, Oedipus and Akhnaton [1960], Peoples of the Sea, Ages in Chaos, Ramses II and his Time, and Human Amnesia.




Astronomers made it a point to suppress Velikovsky’s views and have been rather successful.

But that’s not what we should be concerned with.

Our interest is in the cited works and accounts that seem to be sightings of UFOs.

Velikovsky’s books provide sources that resonate in ways that might – might! – support Ancient Astronaut theories.

The difference is that Velikovsky’s “catastrophic” intrusions don’t interfere with or interact with humans; his events remain observational, not intercessional.

Also, many of Velikovsky’s cited events were eschewed, it seems, by the Vallee/Aubeck book, Wonders in the Sky, probably because Chris Aubeck’s resource venue (Yahoo Magonia X) for many of the sightings in his and Vallee’s book was controlled by the machinations of UFO stalwarts such as Jerry Clark, who held sightings and input hostage to his (Clark’s) view of the UFO phenomenon.

I suggest you get your hands on Velikovsky’s books. Overlook the catastrophic theory if you like – a mistake, as I see it – and cull the events that bespeak UFOs in days of old.

If UFOs were as prominent as they appear to have been, their appearance belies current hypotheses about military misidentifications, mental aberrations, or trickery by entities out to flummox modern humanity.

The brilliance and edification of Dr. Velikovsky will enlighten you, in a number of ways; that is certain.


Friday, December 02, 2011

Nick Redfern's latest

Nick Redfern addresses, in his latest book, the "forbidden" sites that the government and military don't want us, the public, to visit.

Click HERE to read more about Nick's invaluable resource.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

UFOs: The numbers obviate reality

This paper by Francis Ridge, listing a century of UFO sightings in parts of Indiana and Midwest America, prodded me to consider this...

The sheer number of reported UFO sightings, just in the modern era, is so vast that they rule out, sensibly, the idea that the Earth is being visited by extraterrestrial civilizations, or visitors from time and/or other dimensions.

Those following the subject of UFOs are inundated with a raft of new sightings everyday. And adding the new sightings to those reported since 1947, in publications like that pictured above, not to mention the historical sightings found in such works as the Vallee/Aubeck book, Wonders in the Sky, one can only conclude that the numbers mitigate against the propositions of alien visitation, unless....

Earth is a "tourist" attraction for curious from the far-reaches of the galaxy or Universe, or even from other dimensions.

That scenario is ludicrous on the face of it. But what else do we have?

There seems to be a tangibility to many (earlier) UFO sightings.

So there is some kind of reality at work here.

Then we have the Vallee/Caravaca/Persinger theses that posit mental intrusions of some kind that have evoked images of flying saucers and UFOs over the years.

But the interceptions of sensory input with material disruptions of various kinds (burns, indentations in soil, automobile failures, radar images, photographs, videos, et cetera) work against the idea that something or someone causes UFOs to
be products of the mind, only.

Just as the raft of sightings, over the years and currently, dissuade against a concrete reality, mental machinations by "others" is just as foolish.

What kind of entities would have the time or inclination to spend such time and efforts as that required to befuddle human minds?

It makes no Earthian or interplanetary/interdimensional sense.

UFOs, which are real, in some way or other, need an explanation that takes into account the obvious ubiquity of the phenomenon.

The ET hypothesis doesn't explain UFOs, nor do the mental quirk theories.

Something else is needed, but what?


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dr. Michael Persinger and EM stimuli: UFOs

Bruce Duensing is a devotee of Dr. Michael Persinger, a theoretical psychologist (as I see him).

Dr. Persinger insists that electromagnetic waves stimulate the mind, producing images and experiences that become "reality" for those affected.

He answers his critics HERE and I suggest you Google his name to find his erudite work and ruminations on the ephemeral, yet "real," manifestations that EM evokes in some persons.

While his studies don't account for all UFO events or sightings, they can help explain many.

UFO mavens should not ignore the Persinger papers.