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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Frank Stalter is trying to tell us (all) something....


  • Rich:
    Do you think you might be introducing too many changes of topic in your blog? Does anyone else think so?

    By Blogger cda, at Saturday, January 07, 2012  

  • Hahaha, I don't know if I laughed harder when I first saw that pic last night or in seeing you repost it.

    One thing I didn't get a chance to write earlier is that that Jeff Davis fellow is obviously the smartest man on the internet!

    By Blogger Frank Stalter, at Saturday, January 07, 2012  

  • CDA:

    You may be right.

    But time is of the essence for us old guys, and I'm getting everything off my chest while I can.

    I know it's disconcerting for some, but life and blogs are raging rivers, not sedentary ponds; therefore onward and upward (or downward, as the case may be).


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, January 07, 2012  

  • Frank:

    Jeff will appreciate the compliment, but not become egoized I hope.

    We have enough of that around as it is.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, January 07, 2012  

  • @Frank

    Only if you mean like that commercial beer joke about "he's the most interesting man in the world!"

    Only in our case we'd infer "Jeff Davis, he's the smartest man on the internet!"

    or' he'd certainly like to think so...

    Truth is, I'm just functionally (barely) addicted to those embers Kandinsky referred to a day or two ago. Analogously, when it is 2 or 3am, and everyone else has pooed out and gone home to bed, it's at this time that I look around and find myself exhilarated in the presence of the precise company that I most hope to keep. This is simply the most inspiring intellectual collective I have ever participated
    in, on the internet. There is tremendous wisdom and synergy in this network and pretty much anything you read here, from me, is certainly a potential reflection of just that.

    The uncanny amalgam of such transcendental anomalous effect, might even give the great Rich Reynolds (the second smartest man on the internet!) cause for renewed zeal in his tireless search for that ever elusive external force, minus Darth Vader of course. ;-)

    By Blogger Jeff Davis, at Saturday, January 07, 2012  

  • Jeff:

    If I'm reading Nick and Jose correctly, Darth Vader is that elusive external force...


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, January 07, 2012  

  • RRR - I respect cda's opinion, but IMO, keep mixing it up. It stays fresh and interesting and thought-provoking - a welcome change from some blogs that primarily focus on one or two UFO topics.

    By Blogger purrlgurrl, at Saturday, January 07, 2012  

  • Thanks, PG...

    I agree. I like a fresh topic at least every other day and more often than that, if possible.

    That way we can provide a topic or two for those who might not find one subject very interesting, or drained of vitality by sitting for so long.

    As you know, so much to cover, so little time....


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, January 07, 2012  

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