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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Jose Caravaca Challenges the Psychological Hypothesis for UFOs

Jose Antonio Caravaca is developing a "theory" for UFO encounters -- a theory that eschews the psychological thesis we've been presenting here lately.

Jose's hypothesis is labelled "Distortion Theory" or just "Distortion" and he has provided another case, from 1979, in Spain, to bolster his view(s).

Click HERE to access his blog and ongoing conjecture.


  • Jose
    Another fine provocative post of associations. Wherein the physiological\psychological connection is examined in regard to tangible effects, which Rich had questioned earlier.I thoroughly enjoyed the aim.
    I know that is an anathema to compare relationships in Ufology to other anomalous effects in the range of para-normality. However in what we consider to be events that we categorize as unrelated to this phenomenon ( largely since it is viewed as the workings of an invisible ET as an external agent) we have noises heard that have no empirical source, dishes thrown across a room, doors slammed, footprints (without physical feet) being left, photographs and videos of humanoid shadows that do not have a basis in physicality, etc
    And so, I ask, could there be a PSI effect being manifested? I wrote a piece last year at this time on the mind being prone to create structure from chaos
    I asked whether EVP recordings came from those doing the recording.
    In the realm of opinion another scenario, another speculation in my parallel guerrilla ontology.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Friday, January 06, 2012  

  • This is an interesting twist! No longer is the distortion being attributed to the external factor as commoflauge, distraction, or external intention, but rather as I have been stating for some time now, it's more so the product of mind when encountering the external factor. Correct? This makes much more sense whereas the other view or stance seemed unlikely.

    By Blogger Jeff Davis, at Friday, January 06, 2012  

  • Twists for twists. One of the most amusing musical narratives to this phenomenon was Chubby Checker's "Lets Twist Again ( Like We Did Last Summer)" At one point Chubby asks "Was that a bird, was it a plane?" He answers his own question.
    "No it's The Twister"

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Friday, January 06, 2012  

  • I am not so sure now. The Distortion Theory is tricky, not to mention fascinating.

    I just asked Jose a few questions directly at the CF Blog. It seems, if I understand the theory correctly, that the mind of the human being is being used much like a mirror would be. Wherein the collective consciousness is intentionally accessed (?) by the external agent. I think. I await MR. Caravaca's clarification.

    By Blogger Jeff Davis, at Friday, January 06, 2012  

  • Jeff..

    See my take on this in a new posting, above.

    (Yes, its' all about me!)


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, January 06, 2012  

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