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Thursday, January 05, 2012

UFOs: The Tangibility Factor

Are UFOs tangible?

While some ufologists, over the years, have compiled accounts of trace elements (indentations in the ground, for example) allegedly left by UFOs, a close examination of such reports leave much to be desired in the way of conclusive evidence.

Our favorite UFO sighting, which didn’t involve a UFO at all – the Zamora/Socorro sighting of 1964 – is a case in point.

The impressions supposedly left by the egg-shaped object Zamora spotted, and he did, indeed, spot an egg-shaped object, are what has always raised doubt in my mind.

Why did this one UFO set-down leave marks in the ground when every other UFO or flying saucer seen on the ground didn’t?

Because Zamora’s UFO was a Hughes Aircraft prototype.

(We like Anthony Bragalia’s prank theory of the Socorro sighting, but it is, for us, a bit flimsy when it comes to scrutinizing all the elements of the sighting as reported by Officer Zamora and details recovered by UFO researchers, even those who muffed their investigations: Hynek, Stanford, et al.)

Jerome Clark, in his 1998 work The UFO Book: Encyclopedia of the Extraterrestrial [Visible Ink Press, Detroit], covers “Close Encounters of the Second Kind” – those UFO sightings where J. Allen Hynek placed UFO sightings that left traces or interacted with the environment [Page 82 ff.]


Clark admits that the evidence for the trace elements he cites are not incontrovertible as no one really examined the remnants or indicators supposedly left behind by UFO; experts in the kind of forensics needed to study what was claimed as UFO detritus just do not do so, and ufologists are just not have the expertise to perform a scientific or thorough scrutiny of elements said to have been left by or cased by a UFO encounter or sighting.

Clark provided some accounts of tree limbs being snapped off or waters being parted by a UFO, but there are no sightings in his CE-2 listing which left tangible residue behind, residue that could have provided grist for study.

Ronald Story in The Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrial Encounters [New American Library/Penguin NY, 2001] also provides a roster of sightings that include trace elements within the witness accounts: The Flatwoods “landing,” the 1954 Quarouble, France encounter, the Delphos, Kansas trace landing (where a “fairy-ring-like” spot was created).


[Ronald Story’s book is a must-have, must-read book for UFO aficionados. It covers the UFO waterfront, totally.]

What strikes me is that most of the accounts, almost all of them, in both books cited above contain descriptions of UFO sightings and encounters that are dream-like, oneiric in nature.

Tangible elements are not a part or parcel of UFO sightings, generally or specifically.

The fact, and it is a fact, that almost all UFO cases and accounts are evanescent rather than materialistic is where UFO researchers should muster their investigations.

The neural aspect, which we’ve been touting and which seems to invite counter debate by many, is the key to a UFO explanation I think.

Yes, I like, and always have, the nuts and bolts sobriquet for flying saucers, which became tempered by the term UFO, which has an ephemeral cachet, better suited to the phenomenon.

The more I look at sightings, old and new, the more I am convinced that UFOs are “creatures of the mind” more than creatures from alien galaxies or other worlds of any kind.


What causes the ephemeral UFO experience is where “ufology” should focus its efforts to explain the phenomenon.

The oneric idea allows for the multiplicity of sightings that are reported.

(Extraterrestrial visitations in the numbers indicated by reported sightings seem improbable; mathematically impractical.)



  • I am surprised you did not cite Ted Phillips work on ground trace evidence. To my way of thinking regardless of what pet theory we espouse,we can agree that there is an enormous amount of localized energy involved as cited in the luminosity correlations in the Sturrock Report. Somehow, (although the mechanisms involved for these transient events are unknown) the cognitive senses are turned upside down and what the observer experiences (depends on who is looking) are superimposed in this localized energy field. The chemical compositions of ground trace effects of course are prosaic although that in of itself does not exclude an exotic relationship between the source and terra firma.
    The psychological layer of what is layered over the event ( laminated) equating an upside down cognition seems to a best fit scrim closely tied to an atmospheric locality seems to be an associative trip lever.
    Despite the impression that the Earth's gravitational and magnetic strengths are consistent, they are rife with what geologists call anomalies ( for lack of a better word). In the case of local magnetic fields the cause is subsurface crystalline deposits, for example. While Persinger has done some fine research on the neuro-biological side as far as susceptibility ( sensitivity) to environmental effects, the other side as far as upper atmospheric anomalies and their relationships to that remains largely ignored, which is surprising considering all the recent discoveries on sprites etc. In Presingers book on the "weather matrix" there are some intriguing notes on extra solar effects causing a exponential effect but the information is largely dated while intriguing. The question is , is this a sentient force or a cellular one? Based on the variability of witness accounts I tend toward the cellular.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Thursday, January 05, 2012  

  • Bruce:

    I have been unimpressed with Ted Phillips' work.

    I'm taking the oneiric view because when one looks at UFO sightings in the aggregate, past and present, the idea that tangible objects have come and are coming to Earth from somewhere else, in the numbers that UFO reports indicate seems ludicrous on the face of it.

    I'm not a Persinger die-hard fan, although I think his conjectures have to be taken seriously.

    Jung's hyper-psychological view is too simplistic for me also.

    There is something else going on, something that ties in with religious mysticism perhaps.

    The young guys in our Einstein Fellowship who are studying in the psychology field are intrigued by the UFO accounts I've provided them, accounts that reek of mental aberration of a neurological kind.

    Not insanity, per se, just quirky, transient mental aberrations, like dreams.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Thursday, January 05, 2012  

  • BTW..What triggered my own gestalt moment as far as this preferred theoretical framework was a BBC documentary on the Staffordshire 1954 Sighting. The transient local wave of events, the perceptions and auditory indications of an energy field that even include interestingly ( considering the date) those Blonde Venusians of Contactee fame (which Jose might enjoy) etc. What struck me had probably struck Vallee in that the linkage between visionary events and neuro-biological anomalies ( which you have also cited). This aspect really jumped out at me. There seemed to be consistencies in these encounters. Here is the video. Its fairly compelling. I don't think she is making this up out of whole cloth.


    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Thursday, January 05, 2012  

  • Bruce:

    I am so impressed with your video and the witness that I've created a post, above, for visitors here to access the interview.

    As you state, the witness seems to be totally truthful, relating her extraordinary experience.

    Thank you very much for the link.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Thursday, January 05, 2012  

  • Rich
    You are most welcome inasmuch we are exploring the essentially same track to see where it leads. While I spent a considerable amount of time recently on refuting the binary 2012 projections ( instant enlightenment vs instant death), I am also writing a post that goes further into the neurobiology aspect of this. I never thought that my own gestalt was of much interest to anyone other than myself when I came upon the video some time ago. At that moment, my entire framework shifted in terms of admittedly strange but compellingly consistent correlations in these witness accounts. It reminds me when I lose my glasses, I am beginning to see the outline of a more fleshed out theory..but we both know, it can be thrown back into the filing cabinet if it does not congeal. I have a fairly large stack of discards.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Thursday, January 05, 2012  

  • Bruce:

    I am awash in my old text books and the slew of books bought since college that deal with mental acuity and how the mind is so easily befuddled.

    From Outsider Art to Psychopathology, I am flummoxed by the possibilities rampant in the association with UFO encounters and/or sightings.

    More to come...


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Thursday, January 05, 2012  

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