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Friday, February 24, 2012

Constantine, Joan of Arc, the Camisards, and Fatima….A UFO Connection?

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Roman Emperor Constantine’s alleged sighting of a UFO – a burning cross in the sky – in 312 A.D. represents, if it’s true, a UFO sighting.


And that sighting led to, ostensibly, Rome’s adoption of Christianity, which has caused more harm than good ever since.

In the late 1420s A.D. Jeanne d’Arc – Joan of Arc – acting at the behest of voices she heard, helped the French reclaim their land from their English conquerors.


In the early 1700’s, a Protestant sect of the Huguenots – the Camisards – revolted against the dictates of the Roman Church and the King of France, Louis XIV, who had revoked an edict ((Nantes) that gave Protestants freedom of worship.


The Camisards acted at the instigation of “little prophets” – especially “the fair Isabel” -- who heard from lights in the sky that the reign of the AntiChrist was about to begin, ushering in the Second Coming of Christ.

In 1917, three peasant children in Portugal told of having been visited by The Lady Of Fatima, assumed by many to have been Mary, the mother of Jesus, who provided messages about what was impending for humankind.


(Philip Coppens has recently dealt with this canard of the Church and I suggest you seek out his exegesis of the affair.)

What do these somewhat significant episodes have to do with UFOs?

Nothing, really.

Aside from Constantine’s supposed vision, the other three incidents involved intrusions or intersections between human beings and externals – some kind(s) of paranormal or ultranormal entities or, at least, extra-normal sensations.

Each of the accounts noted here affected human society in semi-serious ways. They didn’t alter the evolution of civilization -- well, maybe Constantine’s devious use of a ruse did; his adoption of Christianity, a political and Machiavellian-like move (well before Machiavelli defined such) has produced a entity – The Church of Rome – whose actions over the years have been deleterious to humans in many ways. (Need I cite the problem with Galileo or the Inquisition’s actions that destroyed Joan of Arc, Giordano Bruno, and countless other paragons of mankind?)

But they did cause an alteration or crimp in civilization’s progress.

And the Camisards being induced to insurrection by lights in the sky is interesting, is it not?

The Fatima “miracle” didn’t do much, but it created a mind-set that bolstered the Church for much of the European faithful, giving strength to Catholicism, which had altered the messages of the externals, including Jesus/Christ, since his death., and continues to do so even today.

My point?

There were, on occasion, intrusions by something or somebodies, that hoped to influence the evolution of mankind.

But such once-upon-a-time, transcendental intrusions have been replaced by the bizarre scenarios delineated by Jose Caravaca, Jacques Vallee, and dozens (even hundreds) of supposed UFO or flying saucer witnesses who have been punked by entities and events with a mischievous or nonsensical bent.


UFO entities have gone silent but still act out, in mime, strange behavior.

But why have UFO encounters become weird rather than eschatological in nature?

Or did we once deal with and are we still dealing with a profound mental chimera?



  • I'm not sure that Fatima has "nothing" to do with UFOs. Testimony of witnesses from several inquiries post October, 1917, reveal observations that are remarkable similar to "modern" UFO reports. One witness said the phenomenon observed appeared like "a metallic disk as if of silver." Another said it "appeared as a plate of dull silver." Another said that it "spun upon itself with a breakneck speed" and "manifested a rotary motion on its periphery." (That from Goncalo Garrett, a mathematics dean, and witness). Many, many witnesses said the "Sun" (disc) "danced", was "agitated" moved "nervously" as "if impelled by electricity." The clincher is the following: the disc..."began to oscillate, descending in slow zigzags, in the rythm of a dry leaf that falls from trees in Autumn..." Now where have I heard all of this before?! All of these descriptions (and many more) are taken from "Heavenly Lights" by Fernandes & D'Armada (2005).

    By Blogger Dominick, at Friday, February 24, 2012  

  • Dominick...

    I mentioned Philip Coppens works on Fatima.

    You should seek it out.

    I have a copy and could send it to you if you like.

    Drop me a line using our e-mail address -- rrrgroup (at) juno.com

    Use the @ symbol as usual in the address above.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, February 24, 2012  

  • With all the anti-Catholic sentiment these days I ant to add my two cents. As a scientist who also studied psycho-pharmacy, I went to Fatima to disprove the reality of the apparitions. Instead I came home a believer after meeting the sisters at Lucia's convent. There are things we do not understand, as much as it can be "aliens" it certainly can be God. The church teaches these miracles are "worthy" of belief but certaianly do not insist on belief in them. I, like many millions of others, believe, that God allowed a miracle to occur and for that I am thankful. While belief in aliens certainly is not against any church teaching (instead it shows the greater glory of God)why must everything be either or in the realm of the supernatural? Maybe...just maybe.. God exists and sent the Virgin Mary as an emissary of His existence. Paranormalists want validity I am asking for the same for those that believe in a theological context of the visions.

    By Blogger Michael, at Monday, February 27, 2012  

  • Michael, you are a person of faith, and your views are not anthema to me or others here.

    But God, as represented by His followers seems to be acting obtuse and crazy.

    The Hebrew Bible and the Old Testament are replete with actions by God that befuddle sensible humans.

    And why does a god need men to write down His proscriptions?

    Isn't there a better, flawless way to communicate?

    To send Mary, long dead, and in Heaven I presume, to appear to three peasant children, giving them abstruse messages is more than bizarre; it borders on insane mischief.

    And I'm coming at this from a background steeped in Jesuitical teachings from when I was a seminarian, many years ago.

    Fatima, as a miracle, is fine.

    It's just that miracles like that are so goofy and without meaning that one has to have Faith to accept them.

    Why are alleged contacts from God so obscurant?

    (We posit, elsewhere, that such "behavior" represents The Game of God. And it's a foolish game, created and maintained by a divine lunatic.)


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, February 27, 2012  

  • RR-

    I have BECOME a person of faith after studying many of the miracles reported throughout history. I would classify my previous ideology similar to yours prior to my "conversion" (for lack of a better word).
    To question "WHY" God does anything is quite curious to me as He has manifested Himself mysteriously throughout the ages. Your comment is actually "foolish" in that you want/expect that God has to come down to our level to show us his prescence. You also question the why's of His revelations to the faithful. I am certain you do not expect the same from aliens since they are so much more advanced, right? Why do they always appear at night and sneak people on board their ships if they actually exist, leave no trace of their existence or appear to people named Bubba (kidding).
    God chooses at His discretion from what I can see. Children, for the most part, were/are innocent and pure of heart, and therefore open to His love and removed from the details of the messages relayed for the people that need the proof. For me and others, Mary is a Mother figure and gives a comforting aspect to the overall messages. She intercedes for us, like any Christian would ask others to pray for them. In this case it's Jesus' mother.
    Your Jesuit background comes through clear as it reveals a lost and misguided focus on the true meanings of such apparitions and defense of the truth held by the Church (Theological not necessarily administrative). Like many others taught from that order I believe you have analyzed yourself out of your previous faith. Given the state of the world and my own personal experiences (sorry no apparitions) I am happy for the balance of faith and science in my life.
    It makes for an interesting view of the world. Maybe you can give God the same belief as the "obtuse" messages/sightings of aliens.
    Take care,

    By Blogger Michael, at Tuesday, February 28, 2012  

  • Thanks, Michael,

    I'm mostly being provocative, playing the devil's [sic] advocate as it were.

    But my previous postings here and at the RRRGroup blog and our Gnostic blog tell that I really think God is dead, not metaphorically but actually.

    My Jesuit teachers are rolling over in their graves, I'm sure.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, February 28, 2012  

  • hello YHWH sends all sorts of visions and strange dreams as it states in YHWH Holy Bible UFO you realize those "sightings" are either military aircraft or military aircraft correct? can state on pretty good authority that jehanne did not receive any prophesy from space aliens for as repeatedly stated in the trial and in letters and it spoken word God whose NAME is YHWH spoke to jehanne and gave jehanne visions.yes. jehanne interesting name no? what does the word john mean? john is a job and many people think john hath a demon which means illness because some people will come up with any and every excuse to not accept reality which is YHWH ISREAL as proved in many many ways including the book of GENESis YHWH took a RIBosome from atom and gave to it a partner comPARABLE to it and those sugar based pairs form rings on a ladder that has a flaming sword the turns every which way to guard the way to the tree of LIFE that DNA has nucleotides that signal for the word angel means messenger not fables with wings unless humans are in an airplane (refer to the book of Ezeikel) they do not fly around.yes. have you all read much of the trial transcripts for jehanne? what might i will not tell you all perhaps on saturday mean? what is the sixth "day"? was jehanne super smart or was jehanne being told by YHWH what to say.yes. with the world situation and the GREAT earth quake followed by the GREAT earthquake in "march" or "2011" and the murder of innocents that began in Syria in the very same month and the various lunar events of "2011" and "2012" a reading of Revelation 2012 really should have taken place by you all already also what is the situation in Turkey? where is Antioch? what is a star named warm wood a russian recon star amber series? has that turned 2/3 of the dead sea bitter(refer to mirum)? who is mirum? a false prophet very prominent in the islamic false doctrine of religion yes who was augustus? the first pontif maximus the pope the head of the holy roman catholic church another false doctrine of religion who murdered Jesus the Christ.yes. so there is no religion in YHWH Kingdom only Truth.yes. what might happen to a person in say 1431 if she shouted to a church this church is an off shoot of the holy roman empire and your pope is a fraud and why do you wear the robes of augustus and his priests and why do you have a carved image of Jesus the Christ dead on a cross and tell people to bow down to it when this very church murdered Jesus the Christ what is sol invictus? etc a trial would have been very short.yes. good day

    By Blogger john Curve, at Thursday, October 04, 2012  

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