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Friday, February 24, 2012

The Fatima Vision

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Jose Caravaca informs us that Portuguese researchers, Joaquim Fernandez and Fina d'Armada, got documents from the time of the 1917 Fatima apparitions and found that the initial description of the "Virgin" by Lucia does not correspond to the appearance we know today.

It was an entity of a meter in height, with a bright white suit with squares, holding something shiny in its (her?) hand:


Some respondents to our previous posting insist that UFOs were involved in the Fatima event(s) and another respondent missed the gist of our Constantine, Fatima conjecture altogether.

We suggest, again, that visitors here find Philip Coppens' erudite account.

Our point is that the Church and early recounting of what the peasant children saw and reported was warped for religious purposes, confounded by an inept ability to understand what occurred.

UFOs were not an essential ingredient in the event(s), but external stimuli was.

What the exact nature of that external stimuli was is yet to be determined.

The matter remains open to hypothetical cogitation...



  • Every time I read a piece on LĂșcia dos Santos, I am bothered that her life experiences were sacrificial to what she had experienced. Troubling, sad and yet there is an indefinable truth to what occurred we will never know. If you read the court records from the trial of Joan of Arc, there is also an indefinable truth.The matter of clothing brought up reminds me of the questioning involved in Joan's interrogation. As you probably already know, she recanted her testimony for fear of torture and then due to remorse, she told the court, her confession was false knowing full well this meant her death for what she said was the truth. She was burned alive on the stake despite many efforts on the part of several who were sympathetic to her plight to dissuade her. This is stunning to me. Another peasant girl, another time and place. Both Lucia and Joan accepted their roles in these strange events with extraordinary courage and extraordinary belief. What does this say to us?

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Saturday, February 25, 2012  

  • Btw..the professional executioner was so impressed by the sincerity of Joan's character, he later said he was certain he had condemned himself to Hell. An extraordinary woman and an extraordinary mystery, worthy of respect. The power of belief is a subject of it's own. It is asking the E prime of all of this, in regard to this equally odd existence. Why is there something instead of nothing? This is the root question that is unanswerable as a driver. Naming the nameless.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Saturday, February 25, 2012  

  • There's another reason to be wary of visions - but from a different angle, as the following article from late last year from me shows:


    By Blogger Nick Redfern, at Saturday, February 25, 2012  

  • I'm still not sure that UFOs are "not an essential ingredient in the event..." as you assert. After all, the UFO display of October 13,1917 was witnessed by THOUSANDS and hundreds of witness testimony was recorded as to the description of the "disc" and its alleged movement. Clearly anyone who reads the observations is immediately struck by their similarity to some modern UFO reports. The validity of the observation of the "Virgin", however, depends upon the statements of two(perhaps three) very young children, ONLY. I rest my case about what is "essential" in this case and what is not.

    By Blogger Dominick, at Saturday, February 25, 2012  

  • Dominick...

    The resonating aspects of the Fatima sightings do not include the rotating sun or the alleged UFOs you find so intriguing.

    Yes, maybe UFOs were part of what people saw, but the hullbaloo is about the vision of the mysterious woman with messages for mankind.

    UFOs are on the back-burner when one discusses the Fatima incidents.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, February 25, 2012  

  • Sure, you are right about the public perception, BUT you must admit that the very WEAKEST part of the entire story is the so-called lady with the messages. No one besides the children saw any lady or heard any messages! We must simply take their word for all of this. Yet the UFO aspects are confirmed by hundreds of disinterested witnesses. If they had only had cellphones! I am puzzled, however, by the almost total absence of good photos. There were journalists and scientists there but I've never seen any really good images of the alleged phenomenon.

    By Blogger Dominick, at Saturday, February 25, 2012  

  • Yes, Dominick, why no real photos?

    But while you (and I) may be obsessed by UFOs, people in 1917 weren't.

    Even if something like UFOs were seen by the throng, the strongly Catholic population of Portugal would be much more interested in what the "lady" said or what messages she imparted.

    Your attention to a minor aspect of the 1917 "miracle" baffles me.

    It's the supernatural aspect of the sighting that is important; it was then and it should be today.

    The UFO side-bar is irrelevant.

    Even if your thesis is correct, that UFOs were prominent, where do we take that?

    UFOs were th main part of the Fatima event(s).



    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, February 25, 2012  

  • I used to be very impressed by the "Miracle of the Sun", but I'm far more skeptical of it today. I live in Ireland. A year or two ago, a extremely dubious character appeared in the public eye who claimed to be receiving messages from the Blessed Virgin. He invited followers to come to Knock (a small village in which a Marian vision occurred in 1879.) The people who attended the first gathering (before his popularity rapidly dwindled) described exactly what the Fatima witnesses described - the sun dancing, changing colors, ect. It seemed to be something that just happens when large, emotionally keyed-up groups gather together and look directly at the sun. I'm not saying anything in relation to the experience of the visionaries themselves, but in the case of the "Miracle of the Sun", I think the skeptics are correct in this instance.

    By Blogger Tristan Eldritch, at Saturday, February 25, 2012  

  • Very interesting, Tristan, except for the fact that there were dozens of reports at Fatima where the Sun AND the disc were reported separately and where trianglation had the disc nowhere near the Sun. But, who really, knows; you may well be correct. And the lack of solid photos is puzzling.

    By Blogger Dominick, at Saturday, February 25, 2012  

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