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Friday, February 24, 2012

Primitive Cave Drawings that suggest….what?

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Spanish UFO researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca, pictured here with a colleague, is studying cave drawings from a site near his home at Benalup, Caduz, Spain [EL TAJO DE LAS FIGURAS]:


The drawings, shown here, were garnered by Abbe Henri Breuil (1929), and are thought to be from about 3000 B.C.

Walls at the site:



He finds this drawing-set interesting:


Especially two drawings in it:



These figures are said, by “experts,” to represent a marriage ritual:



Señor Caravaca sees something else here but hasn’t provided a serious conjecture yet; he notes that the two-person drawings are quite different than the others found on the cave walls:


This range of drawings (above) depicts hunters and animals and is similar in scope to those found at other sites where primitive artists captured scenes from their environment.

One can interpret the drawings in a number of ways – marriage rituals (an anachronistic stretch perhaps), drawings produced under the influence of natural hallucinogens, or the creative thrusts of artistic temperament. (After all, Picasso was from that region of Spain.)

Studies of ancient texts and drawings or cave wall paintings don’t take us to what UFOs are but they can, perhaps, lead us to a generalization of who or what intersected with early humans, and whether any such hypothetical intersection has any relevance to human beings or UFOs today.



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