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Sunday, February 26, 2012

UFOs: Tom Snyder interviews J. Allen Hynek and Peter Gersten

We have hundreds of taped [VHS] TV shows about UFOs, from 1976 forward.

We had uploaded many to YouTube about seven years ago but those videos were eliminated.

We're now uploading a few, again, and this one with Tom Snyder interviewing J. Allen Hynek and attorney Peter Gersten, from the early 1980s, provides some intriguing information about UFO sightings and the U.S. government cover-up(s) of the sightings, even after FOIA disclosures. Peter Gersten provides details.

J. Allen Hynek tells Snyder what researchers needed to do to ultimately explain the UFO phenomenon but all these years later his astute advice is still being ignored.

The video ends abruptly after about fifteen minutes from, I think, YouTube's previous limit on video timing.

Click HERE for the video.



  • I don't think we'll ever see the likes of the Tomorrow show on network TV again. Pity. Nice post Richie!

    By Blogger Frank Stalter, at Sunday, February 26, 2012  

  • Thanks, Frank...

    Your Facebook link might provide some fans for the sadly departed Tom and J. Allen too.

    (We have other Snyder UFO interviews, which we'll be adding to YouTube upcoming.)


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, February 26, 2012  

  • Interesting interviews. Gersten over-emphasised those documents a bit. According to Phil Klass, a lot had nothing really useful about UFOs. Some did, but even they stopped well short of proving a grand UFO cover-up. I expect the great majority were trivial routine messages, offering little useful UFO information.

    Hynek was better. This was the early days of CUFOS. He hoped his well qualified scientific contacts would soon help to resolve the enigma, but it didn't happen.

    Really we are hardly any further forward than we were when the interviews took place in the early 80s. Are we?

    By Blogger cda, at Monday, February 27, 2012  

  • That's the point of the video, I think, Christopher: we are nowhere further along with an explanation or mode of research that is viable than we were about 30 years ago.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, February 27, 2012  

  • Tom Snyder makes reference to the movie The Day The Earth Stood Still and the harmful act the alien caused on the Earth. Tom Snyder obviously does not know this movie that well as no harmful act occurred during the movie except when the military attacks his vessel and/or himself. The harmful act obviously referred to was the harmless act of stopping all electricity functioning on the Earth. The alien purposely left in place such electrical functions that operated Hospitals so that the cessation of electrical functions would not harm anyone by endangering their life. This act was merely a demonstration of what his people could do. He did convey a threat to destroy the people of the Earth should the people of Earth continue in their warlike life style as this kind of activity could cause danger to his people's society once the Earth became a space travelling power. But he came to the Earth in peace and he left in peace despite the fact that the government managed to temporarily kill him. His robot actually resuscitated him from death. This clearly demonstrates that his people were not a vindictive race of people because despite the governmental actions which caused his death even though the robot (Gort) reacted on his programming to proceed to destroy the planet, the alien (Klaatu), the alien (Klaatu) had given his earth female friend words in his language which instructed the robot (Gort) to not destroy but to resuscitate him so that he could deliver his warning to the people of Earth and afterwards he left in peace as he originally intened. Tom Snyder needs to do his research better.

    By Blogger Jim Kinnison, at Sunday, February 15, 2015  

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