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Saturday, March 17, 2012

A 1954 Entity sighting (in Italy)

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Spanish UFO researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca provides us with a very strange entity sighting from 1954:

October 14, 1954. Parravicino D'erba (Italy). A sales representative, Renzo Pugina (37) was returning home when he observed "a strange light in a dark alley."

As he approached, he saw an odd being, 1.30 meters high, wrapped in a diffused light.

The humanoid turned to its left, with mechanical movement.

The head was covered by a helmet, the front of which was transparent. One could see a face with human features and mongoloid-like eyes, thanks to a small light that was atop the helmet.

The body was observed to have arms at mid-chest, all covered with a slight overlay of shining metal flakes.

The legs were placed in a thick tube (like a funnel), a cone, at the end of which was a long, thin tube that connected to a horizontal disc, the size of a bicycle wheel.

The humanoid floated a few centimeters from the ground.

In its right hand it held a flashlight which was pointed at the witness, who suddenly found himself paralyzed.

Renzo Pugina put his hand in his pocket, and by touching the metal of his keys found he could move a little.

He approached the humanoid, and said the word "Mars.”

The strange being "made a grimace of disappointment," and rose to a meter above the ground, emitted a buzzing sound, and left the area with increasing in speed.

After three or four days, at the site of the sighting, there was a visible substance, odorless, which increased spectacularly in size, but with the passage of time, shrunk and disappeared.



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