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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lance Moody on the 1953 Lockheed UFO Case

Lance Moody has given a "forgotten" UFO case his scrutiny.

Click HERE to see Lance's take on the 1953 case.


  • Lance:

    This is a good exegesis of a sighting that was forgotten for a reason: it's mundane and has little or nothing to do with the essence of the UFO phenomenon.

    If you use Paul Kimball's list of "best" UFO cases, you'll be wasting your time (and everyone elses) on insignificant UFO sightings.

    Paul's list just shows sightings of unexplained objects and lights whereas the UFO enigma is something much deeper and more mysterious.

    Paul has never grasped the unusual quality of UFO events, zeroing in on prosaic observations that may confirm something odd has been and is being seen in the skies, but the whole UFO panoply indicates something much more intriguing and strange is going on and has been for a very long time.

    The 1953 event you expose is one of many like observations, and without scientific or fringe cachet.

    It's a matter of missing the forest for the trees,


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, March 21, 2012  

  • Hi Rich,

    Several folks present it as an important case. I think Paul polled several researchers to create the list for his film. I think it is an interesting case but agree that it hardly seems earth-shattering.

    You see the problem for skeptics is that whenever we explore a famous case (as Tim Printy did so well for RB-47), the very next thing we hear is, "yeah, but what about this one?"

    I first got interested in it in a thread somewhere and Paul and I discussed it and argued about it.

    Paul repeatedly challenged me to try to explain the case In prosaic terms.

    I had some ideas about it but dragged my feet on writing them up.

    I regret that our constant arguing caused a rift between us because I do like Paul.

    Thanks for posting the link, Rich!



    By Blogger Lance, at Wednesday, March 21, 2012  

  • Yes, Lance...

    You demolished this sighting as a bona fide UFO event just as Tim did with the RB-47 thing.

    The problem is that listings like Paul's keep pulling real UFO investigators aways from more important sightings and events to offset their claims of significant UFO sightings and events which are, on the face of it, lame.

    You and others can keep swatting away such UFO flies but Paul and his minions will keep providing more, just to keep you off balance.

    It's a good ploy, if they can get away with it.

    Paul would like us all to divest ourselves of interest in Roswell.

    Roswell, even if not an ET crash, is worthy of study for many other reasons.

    And Roswell has a lot more cachet than RB-47 or the Lockheed case, as you prove with your scrutiny.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, March 21, 2012  

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