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Friday, March 30, 2012

Real "exegeses" of Roswell and other UFO events

Peter Brookesmith's book (pictured above) publishd by Barnes & Noble Books [1996, NY] has a coherent, thorough account of the Roswell episode (Chapter Eight, Page 147 ff.); Bursting the Roswell Balloon; An Incident Becomes an Epic.

That chapter and the book itself are a must-read for those who seek an enlightened look at Roswell and other iconic UFO sightings and events; e.g., Cash/Landrum, Socorro, Pascagoula, The Hill "abduction," the Coyne incident, and many, many others, all pasted with government documents and pithy evaluations by Mr. Brookesmith.

Get the book, if you're a real UFO buff; otherwise, remain ignorant.


  • Yes Peter Brookesmith did a good demolition job on Roswell; but this did not go down well with ETHers, and why should it? It is merely another skeptical evaluation. A good one certainly, but you surely do not expect it to convert the many well known ETHers I could mention.

    I do wonder where things really stand at present. For example the 2nd Randle-Schmitt book ends with the sentences:

    "Don't let others drag you from the path that is important by clouding the issues and muddying the water. When the dust settles you will find that we were right... again".

    How true are those sentences now? How true were they when they were written? Remember: the authors had 'solved' the case in their first book (but were bitterly attacked by Moore & Friedman soon after). Their second one presents a completely new scenario, contradicting a lot of the first. Yet they tell us that when the dust settles (i.e. after the second book) people will find they were right again!

    If they were right the first time, why the need for a second book? Look at two books' titles if in doubt.

    The dust HAS settled long ago, yet a 'dream team' is still deemed necessary to clear up the shambles left by the second Randle-Schmitt book, the Schmitt-Carey book, and all the other mis/dis-information that prevails. It is like an ongoing corrective process. Perhaps in 2047 a centenary 'dream team' will be needed to clear up the shambles left by the current 'dream team'.

    There is one thing we can be reasonably certain of: any further researches, and conclusions therefrom, will clear up absolutely nothing and will only muddy the waters still more.

    But that's ufology, as Gilles would say.

    By Blogger cda, at Friday, March 30, 2012  

  • I have to be careful what I input here CDA.

    The last time I challenged the Roswell effort, I almost lost a valuable friendship.

    (I can say no more.)

    But, you are essentially correct; the Roswell matter needs some forensic proof.

    If archeologists can discern that another human species existed along side the mother of us all, Lucy, some 3.5 million years ago, one would think that the Roswell Dream Team could come up with something non-conjectural from an event a mere 65 years ago.

    The work is dogged surely and fraught with all the harrowing need of some to get in on the action by lying about and fabricating their involvement.

    Brookesmith lays bare who is a liar and how the first Roswell investigators screwed up.

    (Randle showed the same in his book.)

    Bragalia has had some leads but they get knotted up by persons with faulty memories or by persons making up stories that they believe to be true or are outright fabrications.

    It's a ratty mess and when it's all done, what do we have?

    Something that tells us we have friends (or enemies) in the Universe?

    Or that, as Brookesmith indicates, and Gilles Fernandez would concur I think -- an epic has been created from an incident, a minor incident at that.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, March 30, 2012  

  • I wrote before that with the dream team it's heads they lose, tails they lose. But never mind - maybe the coin will land on edge, in which case nobody is any the wiser so they still lose!

    You mention Lucy - "Australopithecus Afarensis". Is that right? Yes we have Lucy, and a few others too. But wait a minute - the creationists, of which there are plenty, do not accept her as evidence of evolution, do they? So again, even Leakey, Johanson etc. can't convince the determined disbelievers. I expect there are websites/blogs devoted to all this.

    By Blogger cda, at Friday, March 30, 2012  

  • Ah, CDA, the Creationists...a wonderful lot, who forget that their God may have created Eve/Lucy by infusing that creature with the ability to think, or even given her a "soul."

    God does work in mysterious ways, does He not?


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, March 30, 2012  

  • CDA wrote: "The dust HAS settled long ago, yet a 'dream team' is still deemed necessary to clear up the shambles left by the second Randle-Schmitt book, the Schmitt-Carey book, and all the other mis/dis-information that prevails. It is like an ongoing corrective process. Perhaps in 2047 a centenary 'dream team' will be needed to clear up the shambles left by the current 'dream team'."

    What they are faced with is having to abandon the belief there was a crash site (of anything) in Chaves County (there wasn't one at San Agustin, either) at the time. This also means abandoning all the witnesses who support the belief. This includes the witnesses to the activity at the RAAF re the shipment of bodies and wreckage from a crashed saucer. This does not preclude that something was going on, though, just not what they (witnesses and investigators) think.

    If I were more interested in the mythic stage of 'Roswell', I'd trace down how and when the story began that Mack Brazel found bodies. I'd guess that it first came from Frank Joyce, but am not sure. Anyway, the ground was seeded for another crash site on the Foster Ranch. So, they can hop away from the Chavez County bunny trail. The reason for a second crash site is that the primary witnesses, Marcel Sr, did not provide the witness testimony that the site reported in 1947 had bodies or a spaceship.

    If you're jonesing for space men, I guess Ragsdale would seem credible.

    About the only thing we can be certain happened in Chavez County is the Brazel interview, and the last sentence of the press release. The evidence is photographs and news stories at the time. There is no such evidence for anything else. They won't find the evidence if they continue looking in the wrong place.

    "They sound like convenient stories planted because they tell Roswell researchers exactly what they want to
    hear and calculated to lead to dead-ends, it keeps Roswell researchers stuck in Roswell forever." -- Brad Sparks



    By Blogger Don, at Saturday, March 31, 2012  

  • Greetings,

    I specialy liked Charles A. Ziegler approach of the different Roswell versions (at the period the book was published, there are new ones) "UFO crash at Roswell, the Genesis of a modern myth". There were 6 versions.

    In short, Ziegler stated that the different versions of the Roswell affair are constructed/processing with elements we can place in 5 main categories:
    - The historical and documented incident.
    - The distorted versions of that historical events.
    - The ideas vehiculated/presented by pre-1978 crashed saucer stories.
    -The general beliefs already present within the pre-1978 ufologists community.
    - The new ideas, elements, introduced by the new version which follow the previous.

    I think this approach is actualy already correct regarding the new book published after these 6 versions analysed by Ziegler. And will stay if Tony or the Roswell so called DreamTeam write a new book!

    In this perspective, focalizing on the narrative processings, the first category is from what the epic and the saga have been created/developped. Was it a minor incident? I think it was for the Mankind in the sens it didn't implicate Extraterrestrials.
    But the Roswell Saga is probably and imho an amazing source or object of study for ethnologists/anthropologists and Human Sciences in general!

    I have never readed this book, will acquire it ASAP. Thank you so much to the RRRGroup to have signaled it.



    By Blogger Gilles. F., at Saturday, March 31, 2012  

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