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Sunday, March 11, 2012

UFOs: Before and After

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Our esteemed colleague, Spanish UFO researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca has sent us a raft of pictures from various sources that preceded, by many years, the UFO craze that ensued 1947.

From 1946

Señor Caravaca ties many of the images to his Distortion Theory – which can be found at his blog, which you can access by clicking HERE.

And I find many to precede some notorious sightings in the UFO literature, except for this one, well after the fact, by the artist, who didn’t know about the connection when he drew it I surmise:


1211 England, Gravesend, Kent: During a Sunday mass it is said that the congregation saw an anchor descend and catch on a tombstone in the churchyard. The churchgoers rushed outside to see a strange 'ship' in the sky, with people on board. One occupant of the vessel leaped over the side, but did not fall: 'as if swimming in water' he made his way through the air toward the anchor. The people on the ground tried to capture him. The man then 'hurried up to the ship.' His companions cut the anchor rope, and the ship then 'sailed out of sight.' The local blacksmith made ornaments from the abandoned anchor to decorate the church lectern.
(From Bibleufo.com)

Then there are the airship depictions that surfeited fictional science stories well before the sightings of the late 1890s and early 1900s:


How about the pre-Adamski scenarios:


Or the pre-Sonny Desvergers event of 1952:


And the Villas-Boas case of 1957:


Or the State Trooper Herbert Shirmer case of 1967:


And, of course, the Travis Walton “abduction” of 1975:


And all the other alleged abductions:


As you can see, there are images that may well have impacted UFO afflicted people neurologically, resulting in their experiences.

This is not to say that all UFO events are induced from images perceived and retained unconsciously, but it surely presumes that some were.

Jose Caravaca is developing a theory that explains much, not all perhaps, but much.

At any rate, I find the images interesting, and will provide many more upcoming…



  • Can yu tell me the source of 2 of the images:

    - The one mentioned about adamski ("Los Gemelos")

    - The one mentioned below Travis Walton. the one with 4-arms aliens?



    By Blogger DEII 99, at Monday, March 12, 2012  

  • DEII 99...

    I've passed on your request to Jose Caravaca, who provided the images.

    I'll add his response here.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, March 12, 2012  

  • Jose Caravaca provides this for DEII 99:

    Los Gemelos: a series of novels that were published in Spain, starring a priest and his brother, a police officer. The database does not specify years, but includes the years 1950/1960.

    Travis: a novel "Fantastic Adventures" (1932)


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, March 12, 2012  

  • Strictly speaking, the Spanish illustration would NOT be pre-Adamski
    because the novels were published in 1959. I am trying to discover if maybe the story was previously published elsewhere.

    By Blogger DEII 99, at Tuesday, March 13, 2012  

  • DEII 99...

    The Adamski illustration was to show, like the others, that images often enter the psyche before or after a UFO event, and stimulate the neural cortex of some, influencing UFO lore accordingly.

    (It would have been civilized of you to thank Jose Caravaca for providing the information.)


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, March 13, 2012  

  • While it is an entertaining speculation, the actual dissemination of these images in eye to brain implantation by a reader is doubtful simply by the unknown actual chain of distribution of them being a enormous question mark. That is to say, linking a specific witness to a specific image in a specific publication to a specific witness. Then again there is the composite hybridization of several images being co-joined as a faux singularity is also a untraceable possibility. Until there is a correlated chain of transference, it remains much like Vallee's "Wonders in The Sky" that is to say an inkblot rather than a evidential bit of substantiation, while still retaining an entertainment factor for associative speculation. Tracing effects as originating several compounding factors of description (if seen in the light of the huge amount of variation of actual witness descriptions )leads one to consider coincidence as well as there are only so many three dimensional variations of shapes or the quality of shapes available.
    All of this assumes, again, a chain of dissemination. What happened to the Greys? There are more recent, more consistent descriptions in prototyping examples that remain unexplained.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Tuesday, March 13, 2012  

  • Mr. Duensing,

    Speak plainly. You're trying too hard to appear intellectual.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, March 13, 2012  

  • The most intelligent octopus in the world . . . who knows that an advanced civilization can't build spacecraft that can do the same.


    By Blogger Frank Stalter, at Saturday, March 17, 2012  

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