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Monday, April 02, 2012

Kevin Randle’s Roswell Obsession

Kevin Randle, like David Rudiak, has an almost total obsession with Roswell.

No other UFO story or event, no matter how intriguing or pertinent to the UFO phenomenon, in its entirety, compels Kevin Randle and David Rudiak as the Roswell incident does.

Randle’s most recent UFO book is saturated with his Roswell endeavors. And his blog is suffused with Roswell detritus, gorged with repetitive comments by Mr. Rudiak and a few Roswell skeptics who can’t help themselves when it comes to Roswell; the skeptics need to try and debunk some of the iffy Roswell items, their commentary as compulsively presented as the Randle/Rudiak stuff.

This obsession by Mr. Randle has diminished his recent set up of a Roswell Dream Team.

The current material on his blog, with the ongoing back-and-forth, has created a gag-reflex among UFO aficionados – some giving up the UFO topic and their blogs because of the Roswell surfeit.

We like Roswell too, but a review of our blog postings shows that we are not obsessed with the incident.

A scan of Mr. Randle’s blog shows otherwise.

As we’ve pointed out a month or so ago Mr. Randle is willing to destroy his Dream Team’s credibility and eventual presentation of new Roswell material by regurgitating old Roswell arguments, over and over again – as infinitum, ad perpetuam, as nauseam.

That’s sad in a way, as we know some of the Dream Team is doggedly looking for new material and examining fresh reviews of old material.

Mr. Randle is draining their efforts away by not shutting down his blog to Roswell input for the interim.

And although Mr. Rudiak is member of the Dream Team, we don’t imagine him providing anything new for its purpose, he, Mr, Rudiak, so busy refueling the old debates at Mr. Randle’s blog that he can’t possibly be digging into new areas.

Our suggestion to Mr. Randle (and Mr. Rudiak also) is to shut up about Roswell for a while. Let the Dream Team muster its finds and present them when ready.

This will provide the credibility that Randle and Rudiak are squandering with their never-ending, inane nonsense at Mr. Randle’s blog.

Surely Mr. Randle has other UFO material to provide UFO buffs. After all he’s been after the UFO enigma for the better part of his long life…



  • It's all great stuff, isn't it? Every word I write on the subject ages me another month at least. That is a lot of months! Please pray that I don't expire before the 'dream team' finally delivers.

    Going, going, g....

    By Blogger cda, at Monday, April 02, 2012  

  • All of us, Christopher -- You, Gilles, Lance, and me -- will be long gone when the Dream Team's new investigation comes to fruition.

    And I don't mean we'll be on the other side of life.

    I mean we'll have regained our senses and will be enjoying the real pleasures of life...minus the Roswell mess.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, April 02, 2012  

  • I think this is the embers of what was once the rage of "proving" the existence of unidentified aerial phenomenon to the general public. Over time, it became a heat sink and a general misdirection of attention as to the nature of the phenomenon itself, which concurrently hit a brick wall in the same very small community, due to a dearth of original ideas or theories.
    For me, this Dream Team is attempting to answer a question whose train left the station a long time ago. There is a general acceptance of the phenomenon as a pop culture artifact.
    The "mavens" of Roswell are a one trick pony and have become repetitious and frankly boring, descending into counting how many angels are on the head of a pin, when they don't have a pin.
    Not considering alternative theories, as a unwritten no-no..the whole scene has dried up to the point it's a janitorial job cleaning up the mess they created. Thats one of the reasons I gave up writing about the topic.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Wednesday, April 04, 2012  

  • And we, too, Bruce, like you and Paul Kimball, are about to throw in the towel, mostly because of the ongoing nonsense about Roswell and the wasted efforts by intelligent men, such as Randle and some of our skeptical buddies who keep the topic alive with their never-ending CPR debates.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, April 04, 2012  

  • Just a short note to Bruce:

    Nick Redfern did try to inject an alternative theory, but was roundly condemned. But at least he tried.

    His theory was wrong, in my view. But the UFO community does owe him some gratitude for airing a new hypothesis and widening the debate. Alas, I expect it to quietly disappear in the 'dream team's final analysis.

    Kevin has taken on a hopeless task. He knows it; we all know it. Yet he feels he has to launch this one last (?) effort. A dedicated man. I certainly would not like to be in his shoes.

    The vast majority of would-be protagonists, on either side, are the wisest. They keep their mouths shut.

    I sincerely hope this new book on Aztec, when it appears, is not going to generate the same everlasting debate. With luck it won't.

    By Blogger cda, at Wednesday, April 04, 2012  

  • CDA
    I agree with your commentary and what struck me is how much the rest of this erstwhile, small community has empowered this sort of thing by driving it with attention, while decrying it's nature. Personally, I suspect Aztec will fall into this kicking around a dead horse sort of mindset. I think of the dynamic to all of this as a Catch 22. Since there are few viable alternative theories, the skeptics promote the endless conversation on a dead topic by their denouncements of it. Nick has always and will continue to be ( I suspect) one of the few writers to commit heresy by changing the subject matter of this frozen turkey.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Wednesday, April 04, 2012  

  • Honestly, a whole generation that came of age influenced by the "flying saucer" mythology of the 1950s has to die off before any fresh perspectives on the phenomena can receive more than a hasty dismissal. These "researchers" are stuck in childhood beliefs and fantasies and just are not going to grow up and let them go.

    As long as they continue to energetically redirect any fresh interest in UFOs toward their bankrupt theories, speculations, and dead-end cases (e.g. Randall), interest in the UFO phenomena will keep dying a long, slow death.

    Any wonder the media find UFO stories to be such a hoot?

    By Blogger purrlgurrl, at Wednesday, April 04, 2012  

  • The Roswell case rests entirely on three things: witness testimony, conspiracy theory, and showing that skeptical explanations are wrong.

    All such good choices!

    Mr. Randle's very first fresh look at the evidence after announcing the Dream Team was...? A post that tried to demonstrate a government coverup.


    Then a post that showed the Mogul explanation to be wrong, which was adorned by several long foaming comments by Dr. Rudiak.

    So...any positive evidence? Any fresh evidence?


    I spend my UFO time allotment reading about abductions. It's somewhat less embarassing.

    By Blogger Terry the Censor, at Saturday, April 07, 2012  

  • Terry:

    No there is no positive evidence on Roswell, and after 65 years it is safe to say there never will be.

    All we shall ever get is a repeat of the 3 things you elucidate. And it goes without saying that conspiracy theory is an essential part of the Roswell 'story'. Yes, essential, since the whole tale is based on the USAF gathering up and storing the wreckage & bodies. But they have never admitted this, and never released the documentation. Ergo, they have hushed it up - hence conspiracy theory inevitably follows from this.

    So yes, you are right. The case is as dead as a dodo. Unless and until the actual debris, wreckage or paperwork is found and produced. I'll leave you to work out the chances of this.

    By Blogger cda, at Saturday, April 07, 2012  

  • I wish he were obsessed by something...anything. He seems near comatose of late.



    By Blogger Don, at Sunday, April 08, 2012  

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