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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Are UFOs Profound or Not?

The phenomenon (or phenomena as some of us see it) with the rubric, UFO, is either a transcendental reality or a quirky mundane reality.

Some infuse UFOs with a theological-like essence while others suggest that UFOs are a mass psychosis, encumbered by pathologies of various kinds (social, personal, conspiratorial, et cetera).

UFOs once had a tangibility summed up in the descriptive phrases flying saucers or flying disks.

But the phenomenon was transmogrified, by a member of the United States Air Force, into an amorphous phenomenon with the epithet UFO.

The change took flying saucers from the realm of concrete reality to a reality that is evanescent.

And the phenomenon itself became as it was tagged: unidentified and intangible.

Was Air Force Captain Ruppelt’s designation calculated and malicious or, inadvertently, a downgrade of profundity to mundanity, without a thought of how the mantle, UFO, would affect the phenomenon in essentia?

Flying saucers could be touched, captured (like the Roswellian “flying disk), examined, and subjected to tangible scrutiny it seemed.

UFOs, on the other hand, were off-limits at the outset – “unidentified.”

As the phenomenon as passed into the twilight of fringe reality it has lost its cachet as a “vehicle” for scientific scrutiny and has become an incorporeal thing subject to the vicissitudes of conjecture; e.g. mythology, hallucination, hoax, mental aberrations of diverse kinds, physical anomaly, and so forth.

And while reality is composed or various layers, UFOs have fallen to a bottom layer for humanity, replaced by the exigencies of human needs: survival and pleasure mostly.

Flying saucers were profound in their way. UFOs? A joke for most of humankind…



  • Our learned friend Stanton Friedman has always distinguished between UFOs and flying saucers. He regards the latter as true UFOs, i.e. real ET craft, whereas the former are merely unidentified amorphous 'things', that may later be identified.

    [Not that I really want to bring Friedman into this discussion].

    By Blogger cda, at Wednesday, May 16, 2012  

  • Christopher...

    I'm in agreement with Friedman on this one, obviously.

    Does this absolve him of his Roswell, MJ-12, Betty Hill sins?

    No, but he has got this one right.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, May 16, 2012  

  • The quote I recall from an interview of Friedman was "All flying saucers are ufos, but not all ufos are flying saucers". Probably thousands have had the same thought, including I'd guess all of us here.
    The AF was referring to unidentified flying objects, unidentified aerial objects years before Ruppelt showed up.

    At the time when et and ufo became near synonyms, the idea of 'ET' introduced the concept of 'alieness', first as beings of "interplanetary origin" based on the speculations of Project Saucer. ET Ufology constructed hypotheses in support of the 'space alien'. Those hypotheses allowed the association of the 'alien' to the Little People and monsters, elfs and fairies, PSI and ESP, as well as 'trans-dimensional' or 'time travelling' beings. Those things weren't originated by ET ufology. I mean the logic of ET Ufology could not argue against considering the supporting phenomena for the non-space alien alieness from being attached to 'ufo'.

    True 'nuts and bolts' ufology really has nothing to do with ET or anything alien. Nothing has been learned since 1947 that in any way affects Project Saucer's opinion: possible but unlikely -- in a nutshell.

    Above painted with a very broad brush, of course.



    By Blogger Don, at Wednesday, May 16, 2012  

  • In the 70s/80s there used to be a TV show on in the UK called Game For a Laugh and in one episode they played a trick on this old girl by making it seem as if a flying saucer'd landed outside her house.

    Instead of sh*tting a brick though she marched out to the swirling mass of lights representing a flying saucer half buried in the ground and began singing hymns to the aliens she obviously believed were inside it.

    My 'father-in-law' told me how as a copper on duty he'd seen a UFO and this'd SOMEHOW enabled him to realise there WAS a God and there WAS life after death.

    In the final analysis it doesn't seem to matter whether we're dealing with nuts and bolts spaceships or manifestations conjured up to act as communicational interfaces to faciltate interactions between matter based life forms and energy based ones because even Candid Camera-style fake ones intended to grab a cheap laugh end up becoming 'mirrors' reflecting back at us more about the individuals involved (and humanity in general) than they ever do about the source and the origins of the 'mirrors' themselves.

    By Blogger alanborky, at Thursday, May 17, 2012  

  • Yes, Alan, UFOs or flying saucers and other things one can put in the paranormal category do evoke bizarre responses from those subjected to the phenomena.

    But that's not the message or reality; it's subterfuge.

    There's an uber-reality -- one that is pertinent to Joseph Campbell's mythos and more relevant to the spiritual beings we shall become at death.

    UFOs, for all their maneuvers and mystery are earth-bound, and maybe not worthy of all the attention we're giving them.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Thursday, May 17, 2012  

  • "Flying Saucer" is a distilled category. If a witness sees something unidentifiable that doesn't resemble a disk seen from some angle, it doesn't fit and it doesn't count. It's just a weird encounter story.

    "UFO" is a diluted category that can include anything seen in the air a witness doesn't recognize, including all manner of prosaic, terrestrial objects.

    So, in that regard, yes "Flying Saucer" is more profound.

    By Blogger purrlgurrl, at Friday, May 18, 2012  

  • Alan Borky:

    I find playing tricks on 'old girls' to be without honor....your amusement at this diminishes you.

    By Blogger TheNurse, at Saturday, June 02, 2012  

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