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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Up, up and away? (Maybe not)

The October 1977 issue of Official UFO magazine had the article, pictured above, about Richard Shaver and his “revelations.”

The article by Richard R. Toronto [Page 33 ff.] elaborated on Shaver’s Detrimental Robots (Deros) as related to Toronto by a “guru” – Kid Revahs.

Toronto’s piece also covers Ray Palmer’s insertion into the Shaver oeuvre.

It’s all a little goofy, and can be dismissed by the more circumspect of you.

This is Shaver, visiting a cavern, where he said Deros live:
Richard Shaver was not quite right, as you know.

And I ignore the ramblings of men who sport beards like Shaver’s. Such men are a little off kilter in my estimation, and we’ve dealt with the matter in an earlier posting here (and elsewhere.)

That aside, where and why did the idea of underground men (or gods) derive?

One can understand gods or life-forms from the heavens, but from beneath our feet, from the underground?

No UFO creature, who has allegedly communicated with their witness (see Jose Caravaca’s repository at his blog, The Caravaca Files) indicated they were from the nether regions.

Even as figments of witness imagination or input from an external reality (the Caravca Distortion hypothesis), the underground is virtually absent as the originating venue for UFO visitors.

Fiction writers (science fiction and otherwise) have created people from below, but UFO witnesses haven’t bought into that scenario for their experiences.

(Shaver’s views have pretty much been ignored by everyone who purports to be part of the fringe, either as a witness to strange happenings or as an investigator of same.)

Mythology is rife with gods and beings from the nether regions but, apart from the Irish legends of leprechauns and wee people and the religiously fevered few who have been bedeviled by demons from hell or the underworld, UFO witnesses’s beings are usually (almost always) from the skies.

Shaver’s psychotic creation of The Elders, Deros, Teros, and all the rest, promoted by Ray Palmer, never caught on with anyone, at least any one with an ounce of common sense.

But UFO visitors from outer space still capture the imagination of many and creatures of the underworld have all but disappeared from Fortean literature.

Does this mean that there is some kind of validity to UFO reports of beings from space?

Or will UFO creatures from galaxies far, far away also go the way of Shaver’s beings?

If bearded ufologists have their way, we’ll be stuck with extraterrestrials for some time to come.



  • Rich wrote: "That aside, where and why did the idea of underground men (or gods) derive?"

    For contemporary appearances: 19th century fantasy writers and occultists -- if there is any real difference. Hollow Earth theories are 19th century, too.

    I don't have it on the tip of my tongue, but one of the early Wave stories concerned alien bases under the Cascades and in the Antarctic.

    I can refer to a fair amount of sf stories and Hollywood movies from the 1930s (especially, the serials) that take place in underground civilizations.

    The Netherworld seems a fundamental concept to the Sumerians, but to few others. From them (via influences in Asia Minor) the Greeks got the idea of Hades, and from that to the Christians. But there is no indigenous Netherworld race or people, just the dead. Even the gods (or devils) of the Netherworld came from somewhere else.



    By Blogger Don, at Tuesday, June 26, 2012  

  • Shades from Greek mythology? In ancient times, minus signs from the heavens, one looked below their feet. Hades, Shoal, etc.

    Or perhaps, an outtake from the time when man sought refuge in caves giving birth to various forms of psychosis and paranoia. (the paranoia being based on real threats from the environment minus ET and underground dwellers.

    By Blogger Tim Hebert, at Tuesday, June 26, 2012  

  • Thanks, Don...


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, June 26, 2012  

  • Thanks, Tim...

    I think the mind has something to do with it....our personal caverns of the id or collective unconscious perhaps.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, June 26, 2012  

  • "...our personal caverns of the id or collective unconscious perhaps."

    My first thought was, or the womb. That reminded me of some things I can't vouch for. One is North American Indian folklore about the people coming up from under the earth at the beginning. Also, an Egyptian story that the first land was an island in a primal sea and that the first people came up from under the earth on it. There is something similar in Asia, possibly Sumerian or at least from that area about people first emerging from under the earth.

    The ancient Oracles, such as Delphi were built over crevices (probably earthquake created).

    The ancients had no idea of outer space or that planets, including earth, were large balls of rock. They couldn't conceive of a planet as we can, nor imagine life on it.

    The universe was the primal sea on which the earth -- a disk -- was situated. Below it was the Abzu of fresh water, then below that the Netherworld. Above it was the air over which was a canopy made of tin from which the stars were suspended. Above that -- on the other side of the canopy or firmament was the home of the gods. They could come down, but we couldn't go up. Consider it all to be a column of life in a formless void of sea.

    No room for ET planets.



    By Blogger Don, at Tuesday, June 26, 2012  

  • "UFO witnesses’s beings are usually (almost always) from the skies."

    Vallee's Messengers of deception?

    Projected subconscious confabulations in an effort to maintain witness sanity in the face of an experience beyond their personal reckoning?

    Truth be told, there is a good deal purported within ufo subculture, both by the witnesses, as well as the learned, that does highlight and tie an endemic subterranean connection to ufo experience. From MIB to a number of various "alien" types in recent times, and as others have already pointed out, a large cross section of ancient cultural myths that point to the depths of Earth as a cradle or dwelling place for the supernatural races/gods. Be they good or evil.

    I personally think that the going and coming from the depths, either aquatic or subterranean, represents a clear and superior power of material transcendence. An externally guided demonstration to and of the para human psyche indicative of a sentient evolution effecting not the individual, but rather the collective unconscious.

    By Blogger Jeff Davis, at Tuesday, June 26, 2012  

  • Both the center of the Earth and it's polar opposite, the infinity of space are not traversed as both forbidding and unknown material realities. Both make for great screens for projectors to probe for material to shine images on. The oceans, to a lesser extent. Forests and jungles that have not been inhabited to a large extent. Area 51. The past is another aka Roswell. Basements and attics or abandoned homes for "ghost hunters". To me this is sort of a knees jerk empirical approach to "there must be something more." Fade in Peggy Lee , "Is that all there is?"

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Wednesday, June 27, 2012  

  • Thinking more on your subject, leads to the abstract largely images or imaginary ideas behind nations, or individual human beings. Take away imagination, it's a rather chaotic cartography, unexplored or perhaps unexplorable except for the use of images or imagination that feeds from them. What lies beyond this is anyone's guess, as it seems we are hard and soft wired to navigate a variety of dreamscapes so perhaps blanks in our images, blanks in the physical cartography are ripe for being food in this sort of "sobriety" of creativity in a the context of a semi- lunatic spectrum within the membrane of a internal goldfish bowl.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Wednesday, June 27, 2012  

  • Richard R. Toronto?

    By Blogger Terry the Censor, at Sunday, July 08, 2012  

  • No, Richard R Ann Arbor.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, July 08, 2012  

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