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Saturday, July 07, 2012

Nick Redfern's Part 2 of Saucers of Manipulation

Click HERE to read Nick's second installment of his interesting take on UFOs and the UFO scene.


  • It is still about ET even if ET is a deception. The cryptoterrestrials, or whatever, just figure an ET-deception is the answer to their crypto-needs.

    Again, this is polemic in an ideological war of words for the hearts and minds of 'UFO people', in other words "Ufology".

    Bothered by annoying demons? I suggest exorcism (see A Case Of Conscience, by James Blish).



    By Blogger Don, at Saturday, July 07, 2012  

  • The issue I have with demons is that I suspect that they are patterned on ourselves as the primal and instinctual lower animal drives of biological creatures that are consumers.

    This is is a ritualized and institutional form of denial that ignores very human psychopaths, sociopaths, etc that is entangled in the nurture versus nature dynamic.
    Our society either murders these uncontrollable compulsions or locks them up simply due to the fact there is no cure. They exist in a no man's land. Disassociation and projection bias coupled with denial on a very emotional ( read non rational basis) could be one of several keys that unlocks the tumbler of cellular or zombie sort of intelligence, that these "puppets" have a umbilical cord to our minds and emotions and we unwittingly pull the strings, not they.
    As far as food, what food? In the eat and eaten of the exchange of all manifest creatures, perhaps we are re-digesting what we created, and then say, it's not us, it's not me, it's a demonic sort of totem to be worshiped in a perverse manner incorporated into a social script. Our self comforting self images of being the crown of creation is vouchsafed by tribal denials and of course the realities behind myths as metaphors.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Sunday, July 08, 2012  

  • Bruce:

    We should all have issues with stories of demons, because they are based on personal interpretation of what they are or are not - or even if they exist!

    I dont care that the government provided funding for a bunch of people who believe the UFO phenomenon is demonic. I do care, however, when they equate belief in that theory as implying it's hard fact.

    The world would be a far better place if belief and fact could be seen as having ZERO connection. They only have a connection when the belief can be proved.

    The existence of demons (in the sense that they are perceived by many) has not been provded. So, that's why we go around in circles for decades, debating stuff that has not - and likely never will - be solved to everyone's satisfaction.

    By Blogger Nick Redfern, at Sunday, July 08, 2012  

  • Amen

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Monday, July 09, 2012  

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