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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Alien soldiers....on the march!


Jose Caravaca continues to refine his theory of [UFO] Distortion.

Click HERE for his latest salvo.


  • Haunting of Aliens and The Generalities of Ghosts

    1. The evolution of craft types over the centuries may represent both a very limited exhibition of opportunism and a lack of choice on the part of the actors inasmuch as they are parasitic in nature derived from anticipation wrought from the host observer. In another words, not a tactic to be decided upon but rather a need taking advantage of what already exists in terms of a conceptual model of the host. This corresponds to the many modalities of "personalities", images, and other variables one encounters where one anticipates it, in abandoned homes, remote woods etc much like the remote locations of close encounters with alleged aliens. One could carry this thought further and speculate that EVP recordings are also parasitic in nature, matching anticipation with a bank of information held by individuation as well as at their root, shared conceptual narratives from the human environment.. This goes beyond a feedback loop into choices made by the repetition of matches between the observer and the observed, by way of specific editing on the part of what is observed. There is very little of any "accidental" content.

    2. The instantaneous appearance and disappearance of concreted images from #1 that is shared by both UFO phenomenon and ghost encounters.

    3. The ability to walk through walls.

    4. The ability to speak or communicate without an audible source, directly to the observer.

    5. Energetic PSI effects.

    6. The observed ability to glide rather than to walk in a strictly bipedal fashion.

    7. Mixed messages, incoherent narratives supplied by actors dependent on what one anticipates hearing.

    8. Sensations of an energized atmosphere. VLF or VHF tracings.

    9. Atmospheric alterations in terms of humidity as related to temperature, at times, accompanied by #8.

    10. Various forms of possession as compared to abductions, the similarities therein.

    11. Raised ambient electromagnetic activity.

    12 Ghost creatures can range from dogs, to shadows of an exaggerated height, humanoid images taken from the local history, composite creatures, child like, etc just as in the variety of creatures observed in close encounters.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Wednesday, August 08, 2012  

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