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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Books, books, books -- that you will like!

New Page Books, a Division of Career Press, Inc., Pompton Plains, New Jersey,
publishes books that edify those who like the fringe of human existence.

Here are four books that you should have in your personal library:




This book is provided by The New Knowledge Library:


The Lost Civilization Enigma by Philip Coppens – an Ancient Astronaut theorist – is replete with set-aside or lost information that indicates Earth contained a plethora of cultures and societal civilizations that have disappeared, pretty much, from archeological texts and history.

Even if you eschew the hypotheses of AA advocates, this book will confirm that there are fascinating footnotes to humankind’s advance.

Coppens provides solid reference to cities and civilizations that existed at one time and were advanced cultures, with aspects that raise questions about how mankind evolved.

Few pictures but content that offers images of places and things that history and science has neglected or suppressed, inadvertently?

The book sells for $19.99 (paperback) and can be found at most book venues, online and off.

Evidence of the Gods by Erich von Däniken is flush with photos supporting his Ancient Astronaut theory.

I’m a von Däniken fan (and junkie) – despite being excoriated for believing he has much in his AA theory that is acceptable and valid.

Von Däniken has amassed more supporting material for his views than those who provide counter arguments for the establishment views of human evolution and Earth’s civilization development.

The photos in this book are magnificent – in color and clear as a bell.

The anti-AA crowd can twist the “evidence” that von Däniken and his acolytes supply but the AA view has a patina of believability for even the most jaded devotees of the normal views of science, archeology, and anthropology, if those establishment devotees open their minds to the creative hypothesis that mankind has been intruded upon by something other than its own ingenuity.

While extraterrestrials may not be the instigators of human advance and strange artifacts found around the Earth, one has to accept, by weight of the evidence von Däniken provides in this book and his previous books, that something or someone had a hand in the development of humankind and humankind’s societies and living circumstances.

Whether it was gods, from outer space, Gods of an ethereal kind, or just spurts of human creativity, one has to give props to von Däniken for his gathering of materials that clearly show – clearly – that mankind was lifted upward, in ways and by something that establishment science refuses to acknowledge.

The book sells for $19.99 (paperback) and can be found wherever books are sold, online and off.

Even if you hate the Ancient Astronaut theory, you’ll find the photographs and content of this book intriguing, in the best sense of controversial.

I’m not a vampire follower or walking dead buff, but American Vampires by Dr. Bob Curran will entrance those who are.

The $15.99 (paperback) book has 253 pages of tales from all over America (The United States) that indicate vampires are a reality (of a kind).

If you like the idea of blood-suckers, get the book. Dr. Curran’s effort will satisfy your craving.

The Reality and Spirituality of Life in the Universe by Marshall Vian Summers ($17.95 in paperback, from New Knowledge Library) is a 20 page tome for those of a New Age bent.

Mr. Summers puts forth the idea of a “Greater Community” based upon spiritual ideas mingling with advances in technology.

There are no pictures or drawings in this book – a disappointment for those who need visual stimuli maybe – but the ideas rendered and the “theology” presented have a distinct profundity, not unlike that in a book from 1947 that I keep recommending to visitors here and elsewhere: Lecomte du Noüy’s Human Destiny.

Mr. Summers’ views are more contemporary and futuristic, if you will.

His call for mankind to get in tune with the “vast universe of intelligent life” will appeal to those of you with a visionary inclination that rises above the mundane or soporifics of today’s religions.

A comforting, thoughtful, intelligent read.

More about these books and authors can be found at http://www.careerpress.com or
http://www.newpagebooks.com and they can be ordered by phone – 1-800-CAREER-1

I’m recommending each one but devouring the von Däniken book right now. (It’s addictive.)



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