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Monday, November 19, 2012

From Jim Moseley



  • Too bad. Now he is even more shockingly close to the truth.

    By Blogger Kurt Peters, at Tuesday, November 20, 2012  

  • Hi Rich,

    I posted my 2001 interview with Jim over at my blog.
    I sure will miss him.


    By Blogger Lance, at Wednesday, November 21, 2012  

  • We saw it, Lance, and suggest others take a look also.

    Moseley was a "stop-and-take-a-look" UFO guy who kept UFOs and its practitioners in check, humorously.

    He will be missed.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, November 21, 2012  

  • Hiya Rich, I enjoyed his writings and his interviews showed a different side than is sometimes presented.

    Sarcastic, cynical and an outright pain in the ass for the hoaxes. Nevertheless ufology is definitely smaller without him.

    Of the true veterans, how many have cheerfully lampooned all comers with great effect and very little animosity?

    It'd be fitting for his legendary typewriter to be placed somewhere as a small monument to the decades of ufoology.

    By Blogger Kandinsky, at Wednesday, November 21, 2012  

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