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Friday, November 02, 2012

The Socorro Craft – Before 1964 – and a 1957 Soviet-built UFO

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Fate magazine issues of the late 1950s in articles by Frank Edwards, John C. Ross, and Curtis Fuller (Fate’s editor) contained a number of egg-shaped UFO sightings in the Southwestern corridor between Levelland, Texas (outside Lubbock, where the famous lights were photographed) and the UFO hot spots in New Mexico: Roswell, White Sands at Alamogordo, Socorro, et cetera.


We and our Spanish colleague. Jose Caravaca, have covered the many egg-shaped UFO sightings in the literature.


It seems that Lonnie Zamora witnessed one of the penultimate [sic] egg-shaped UFOs in our time.

Did Police Officer Zamora see an extraterrestrial craft that was unique to a certain race of alien visitors, who no longer sojourn here?

Did he see an Earth-created prototype that was abandoned by the end of the 1960s?

We can’t know.

And then in that Fate issue, pictured above, there is this bit of news:


Fate cites legitimate sources for its succinct story, about a Russian flying saucer.

But nothing more was written about it.

Were there egg-shaped and flying saucer prototypes extant in the 1950s and early 1960s; prototypes that account for numerous UFO sightings but which have no bearing on the UFO phenomenon, as it exists, in toto, in the literature?

How can ufological researchers discern what was or is prototypical from what is a real enigma?

The UFO topic is saddled by the accumulated data and reports about it.

Can a clarifying, scientific approach be applied to UFOs.

We don’t think so.

The mysterious phenomenon has been besmirched beyond sensible scrutiny by the nature of its attraction to all kinds of loony conjecture.

Fringe elements have corrupted the phenomenon so very completely that any deliberate deconstruction of it is impossible.



  • so what you're implying is that egg-shaped UFOs are no longer reported? That seems too-extreme an assertion IMO.

    "Around 18:30, children observed a reddish light approaching and moving along a straight curse. When the phenomenon reached them vertically, they all noticed it was a red, egg-shaped sphere [emphasis mine]. The object started rambling, looking for a place to land and finally disappeared. Minutes later, it was back and this time the so-called UFO started to land. A meter and a half from the ground, it stopped and a door opened from a side of the craft. A corpulent humanoid came out, moving slowly. He seemed to be headless or, following the versions, with a very small head, like a semisphere on the shoulders, with three bright eyes! The central eye was looking all around. The nose was a tiny hole. On the chest he wore a disk."


    By Blogger Red Pill Junkie, at Friday, November 09, 2012  

  • RPJ:

    Check the date of your example...


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, November 09, 2012  

  • 1989. I remember it well. What of it?

    By Blogger Red Pill Junkie, at Saturday, November 10, 2012  

  • How many egg-shaped UFOs have been seen since 1989?

    Are egg-shaped UFOs as prominent as they once were?

    That was my point.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, November 10, 2012  

  • IMO egg-shaped UFOs have not been that predominant in the history of sightings.

    I don't know if anyone has ever done any statistics on it, but I'm pretty sure the egg-shape would fall into the lower categories.


    By Blogger Red Pill Junkie, at Saturday, November 10, 2012  

  • RPJ:

    Egg-shaped UFOs were all over the place right before and right after 1964, then such sightings tapered off.

    Jose Caravaca has supplemented that at his blog also.

    Why did that configuration drop off?


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, November 10, 2012  

  • BTW It seems that the Holloman incident could also be included in the history of egg-shaped craft. Bob Emenegger has said several times how, when he was working on the documentary UFOs: Past Present & Future he got to ask some people in the base about the (supposed) landing, and one of them said "you mean the flying bathtub?".

    By Blogger Red Pill Junkie, at Saturday, November 10, 2012  

  • http://youtu.be/8qx23sJfiLs

    By Blogger Red Pill Junkie, at Saturday, November 10, 2012  

  • I looked in MUFON's CMS database and found many egg- and oval-shaped objects reported as recently as last month. People have long reported objects of all shapes and sizes, not just discs, cigars and eggs. Some of my favorites are a flying station wagon, tractor-trailer, and airplane flying backwards. The quantity and variety of objects reported around the world rule out both ET and terrestrial high-tech explanations, and point to a phenomenon that presents to us images derived from our own cultures. For example, Kenneth Arnold saw chevron-shaped craft, but a reporter misreported what he said and put "flying saucers" into America's consciousness, and that's what we have seen ever since.

    By Blogger dave tuttle, at Saturday, November 17, 2012  

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