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Friday, January 06, 2012

The Accursed ET/Other Theology of My Friends

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I consider Nick Redfern and Jose Caravaca to be “colleagues” (of a kind) and friends, surely.

But when they both associate UFO encounters with an unknown but palpable presence as the instigator of UFOs and UFO events, generally, I am intellectually shocked.

While neither Nick nor Jose thinks that UFOs are vehicles belonging to extraterrestrial visitors – alien entities from outer space -- both do think that a psychically induced something is responsible for UFOs and the encounters that some humans have experienced.

This view, for me, is as tenuous as the ETH position of most ufologists and UFO mavens.

Jung deals with the psychological etiology of UFOs in his book, Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Skies (R.F.C. Hull translater) [Princeton University Press, 1978].


Those who believe that UFOs are, indeed, space vehicles by extraterrestrials are not out on a limb necessarily. Visitors from space is a tenable idea. It’s just the magnitude of UFO sightings over the years that mitigates, for me, ET visitations: too many sightings, too many alleged visits, too improbable (mathematically or practical, as I’ve noted before).

But for all intents and purposes, the outside entity or entities favored by Jose and Nick is as iffy as the idea of God, which, for Nick, is anathema. Nick is an “atheist” or so I thought.

The need to have an external presence involved with humanity has been addressed by many thinkers, mostly about the belief in God, but the belief is applicable to a belief in an external presence and source for UFO events, which has, as Jose and Nick see it (without saying so exactly), god-like attributes

A concise rendition of the reality of God (for some) is found in Edward Glover’s “Freud or Jung?” [Meridian Books, NY, 1956, Page 156 ff.];


Adler’s view is that God (or the Other) is a combination of Jung’s Self and the idea of God; an archetype.

It’s the God within, not the God without.

The Self, in a fit neurotic imbalance, projects itself on to an entity called God (or the Other, as I see it).

My friends, Nick, Jose, Tony Bragalia, Lance Moody, Paul Kimball, et al., like me, have super-sized egos, otherwise we wouldn’t be pontificating so vividly here and elsewhere.

Extrapolating our egos to create God or, in this instance, a presence outside ourselves is a manifestation of neurotic hubris that is unconscious or semi-conscious.

It’s not serious, like a pathology; it’s merely a neurotic tic or quirk, but does allow for an unscientific position about UFOs that rankle me and others who find the ideas of Vallee, Tonnies, and my two friends to be equivalent to a belief in magic, witchcraft, and other elements of the arcane, and somewhat crazy.

UFOs are either tangible nuts and bolts craft from other reaches of the Universe or Time, as Frank Stalter would have it, or UFOs are the remnants of psychological machinations as yet unexplained or unexplored by qualified neurologists, psychologists (except for Jung), or science generally.

To persist in the idea that UFOs and UFO encounters are the products of an external, psychical or even material presence is a bit far-fetched for me, at the moment.

But I’m open to further discussion and evidence – even evidence that is circumstantial and/or hypothetical.