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Sunday, January 08, 2012

UFOs: The “Other”

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The dialogue here, of late, is about the cause of images and activities described by persons who’ve had an encounter with UFOs that goes beyond a mere sighting of a light in the sky or a disk-shaped aircraft flying overhead.

Jose Caravaca has provided, here and at his blog (The Caravaca Files), a slew of cases where a person or persons report remarkable interactions with UFOs and entities from those UFOs.

Señor Caravaca points out that the cases he presents don’t include interactions between humans and exotic animals or Disneyland characters, or any other kind of imagery but only that which is clearly UFO oriented.

That is an important aspect of his developing Distortion Theory.

But I’m going to deal, again, with the prima causa that Señor Caravaca and Nick Redfern say or think is responsible for UFO events.

That prima causa, as Jose and Nick see it, is a psychical influence that has been interacting with humankind since the beginning of sentient life (and maybe even before that).

Now I call that prima causa God or the Universal Sentience: the universal, omnipresent mind.

That mind remains apart and aloof from human beings, unless humans try to make contact with it.

(This is the gist, as I keep writing, of Herman Melville’s epiphanic work, Moby Dick, which you can find an exegesis of by Googling Lewis Mumford, among others.)

God or the Universal Mind intersected with the likes of Moses, Socrates, Joan of Arc, and countless others over the eons of human existence.

But why would my Universal Mind use UFO imagery to make contact with some hapless humans doing nothing but engaging in mundane activities?

Señor Caravaca’s “other” and Nick Redfern’s psychical presence seem more suited to the UFO events they have proffered.

My ubiquitous and totally engaged “divinity” seems a bit too grandiose to take part in the UFO events that have been reported over the years, even that of Ezekiel in the Hebrew Bible.

But in the hierarchal categories of the Gnostics and other esoteric theologies there are minor divinities that one could attribute to the bizarre UFO encounters that have occurred over the years.

So I can accept (and do) the idea that something has interacted with some humans, in former ages as witches or various chimerae, and in (relatively) modern times as elements with the accoutrements of extraterrestrial technology.

But is it possible, and I think it is, that, perhaps, no outside “presence” is involved in UFO activity at all, that psychological or neural machinations may be an integral part of or the prima causa of UFO experience(s).

I think Bruce Duensing agrees with me.

Don Ledger, a peripheral and irrelevant ufologist, mostly in situ at UFO UpDates has been pooh-poohing the psychological etiology for UFOs.

Why do I eschew Don Ledger?

Here’s Mr. Ledger’s recent broadside, at UFO Updates, against Joe McGonagle, a British (skeptical) ufologist with much cachet among UFO cognoscenti about a questionnaire that Joe brought to the attention of UpDate “listers” (as UpDate members like to be known):

From: Don Ledger
Date: Fri, 06 Jan 2012 13:45:42 -0400
Subject: Re: Participation In Psychology Dissertation Study

>From: Joe McGonagle
>Date: Thu, 05 Jan 2012 23:12:14 +0000
>Subject: Re: Participation In Psychology Dissertation Study
Any damn fool can find the nut cases out there and lump them in
and poison the whole data pool.

And cut the poor-mouthing Joe; your [sic] not fooling anyone. If I ever see anything positive/upbeat come out of your postings, it will be a day of wonder.

Don Ledger

Note the errant use of “your” for “you’re.”

Mr. Ledger strikes me as a pinhead, so when he eschews the psychological explanation for UFOs, I dismiss his observation.

It is palpable, to me, that neural parameters have much to do with UFO sightings and especially UFO encounters.

One of the reasons that I accent the psychological is that nowhere in the sightings offered by Señor Caravaca is there sheer terror. Yes, some witnesses expressed fear or anxiety but none had indicated terror, like that which some victims of nightmares, night-terrors have reported.

The UFO encounters noted by Caravaca and Redfern are oneiric (dream-like) or similar to a movie or television show.

Now this is for the “modern” era events.

The horrors that humans experienced in the Dark and Middle ages were sparked by the imagery that the Church promulgated, and such enterprises as The Inquisition exacerbated.

The “modern” era allows for a SciFi ambiance, supported by the fecund presence of SciFi imagery in the magazines, movies, TV shows, et cetera that we’ve inserted here in the past few weeks or so.

It doesn’t take an external presence to create UFO events. That indicates a presence that has nothing better to do but play games with a few, insignificant human beings, in lonely places who have no significant societal presence, and only are known by the deep-digging research of such persons as Jose Caravaca (and his Spanish colleagues) or the investigative work of Nick Redfern.

So, where are we in this discussion?

We (my group and some aligned visitors here) have got to find the neural mechanism that could cause he UFO events that occurred in the recent past, but are not taking place now. (And why is that?)

Or Jose Caravaca and Nick Redfern (and even Jacques Vallee) have got to come up with the viable “presence” they say is the instigator of the UFO events or reports that create an awe in some of us.

That’s where we are.