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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Orgasmic UFO Encounter?

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In Ronald Story’s Encyclopedia of Extratrerrestrial Encounters (recommended earlier here), on page 120 ff. there is an account of an apparent abduction on the Vermont side of Lake Champlain, north of Burlington, at a girls camp – Buff Ledge – on August 7th, 1968.

A young man (16) and a young girl (17), both workers at Buff Ledge, were alone on a dock, while most of the campers and counselors were away on a two-day break.

A white, cigar-shaped [sic] object appeared over the lake. The object dispersed three small, round objects “which performed acrobatic maneuvers” before two of the objects disappeared.

The one remaining object headed toward the boy and girl, stopping about ten feet from them on the end of the dock.

The boy, recalling the experience, said he saw a “classic ‘flying saucer’ with a transparent dome and revolving, multicolored glowing rim.”


The girl was in a trance-like state.

He then saw two short entities “behind the dome clothed in tight-fitting uniforms. They had large heads, big oval eyes, and a small mouth. They told him, telepathically, that they were from a distant planet and were not about to harm him or the girl.

The entity remembered

The craft moved overhead, bathed them in a beam of light, and the boy and girl were rendered unconscious.

When they came to, it was dark, and the campers had returned, two or them (girls) thought to have seen the object depart, the boy recalled.

The boy and girl felt inordinately tired went to bed in separate quarters.

Ten years later, the young man contacted J. Allen Hynek, and was subjected to hypnotic sessions to recall his alleged “missing time.”

He and the young woman, who reconnected evidently, both remembered, under hypnosis, the craft’s dimly lit interior, the entities (as described) and guides that attended them, she being “probed” and inspected by “strange figures” – while she was told to keep her eyes closed(!).

The young man recalled standing by, with his guide, as his friend was being examined.

Both “abductees” remembered that while two entities conducted the alleged examination, a third entity “monitored a console below an array of screens.”

The young man didn’t recall an examination on him but did remember, under his hypnosis, that he and his guide journeyed to the “mother ship” from which the object came that took him and his friend aboard.

The tour “included riding a tube of light (!) across a giant hangar, the placement of a helmet on his head” which provided the imagery of a park-like landscape, where his (girl) friend joined him.

Three possible supporting witnesses, to the sighting of the object, were found, but there was a discrepancy in their dates.

Walter N. Webb, from whom Ronald Story recreates the story, wrote a book about the event: Encounter at Buff Ledge: A UFO Case History, and the encounter may be found at the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies, 1994.

How is the “event” delineated above orgasmic in kind?

On page 81 of The Good Life, Sexually Speaking by Sigmund Stephen Miller [Prentice-Hall, NJ, 1972] is this (about orgasms in women and men):

“At that moment she is disconnected from the world, unrelated to anything that happens outside her body. She has lost all awareness of time and space, nor is she even aware of the man who is making love to her. She is totally immersed in herself…”

Havelock Ellis in Psychology of Sex [Mentor Books, 1933, 1938, 1954] in the section on Erotic Dreams in Sleep [Page 87 ff.] has this on page 92:

“…erotic dreams of the hysterical are by no means always, or even usually, of a pleasurable character. In some cases the illusion of sexual intercourse even provokes acute pain….such persons are often quite innocent of any knowledge of the erotic character of the experience.”

Sandra S. Kahn, M.A. and Jean Davis, Ph.D. in The Kahn Report on Sexual Preferences [St. Martin’s Press, NY, 1981] present in Chapter 4, The Sexual Consensus: Results, page 114 particularly, reports that women fantasy about having sex with two men simultaneously.

But let’s start at the beginning of the narrative…

A cigar-shaped object is seen. (Need I refer to Freudian symbolism?)

Then the cigar-shaped object spews three smaller objects. (You understand that, right?)

One of the spewed objects contains uniformed entities, inside the domes carapace (representing the super-ego).

A beam of light washes over them. (Tantric imagery)

You can get an idea of what was going on psychically from the Chapter, How to Lose Your Mind (Page 187 ff.) in Total Orgasm by Jack Lee Rosenberg [Random House/Bookworks, NY/Berkeley, 1973]:

“This takes you away from what’s happening right now – here and now…” [Page 188]

Your unfinished business may just fade…Many unfinished situations cannot be completed in actuality so fantasy is the only method available to you…Sometimes professional help from a competent therapist is required before you can complete a more deeply disturbing unfinished situation.” [Page 189]

The physical examination of the girl is elucidated in Modern Psychoanalysis, Edited by Judd Marmor [Basic Books, Inc., NY/London, 1968, Page 135 ff.]:

“Each person must be passive and aggressive…”

(The biologic aspects, I shall let you find for yourselves; they are too graphic for here, but go to what the young girl experienced, while her male companion watched.)

The homosexual elements within the account as told by the young man – about being with his guide on a trip to the mother-ship involving a tube of light, a helmet, and a hangar is rife with sexual symbolism and reference, so an exegesis seems unnecessary here.

The account is not dissimilar to the Hill abduction, and took place less than a decade after the Hills’ alleged abduction, which was also fraught with sexual overtones.

Do such stories confirm or add to Jose Caravaca’s Distortion hypothesis? Or are we dealing with a psychological archetype that is sexual and basic to humans, in near conscious dream-like states, and rather common, as found in mythical accounts, religious texts, and historical tracts?

Since sexual intimations are taboo or outside the realm of staid ufologists, the matter of sexual innuendo in UFO accounts, especially encounters, is without much literature and investigation.

Even I hesitated to place this event here, as we are suffused by some perverse UFO mavens who will besmirch legitimate research along the lines of psychosexuality.

But there it is…