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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ufology: Ignorance and the concepts of Freud’s Totem and Taboo

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It is highly disturbing for those who have an intellectual bent to have to cope with the ignorant comments and asides of those who presume to beset blogs and web-sites with their broadsides or to create wholesale pastiches of palaver like mine, this being an example.

But here with are, within the internet world, exposing our biases and stupidities for all to see, most not getting enlightened by anything they read or discover online.

Buying a book and devouring it is passé for the great unwashed, from whom we derive, here, a cursory commentary that is steeped in gatherings from other rabble on the web.

And this rabble is enamored of the paranormal, infusing it with more than it deserves.

Freud tells us in his monumental work from 1912-1913, Totem and Taboo, page 113 of the Vintage paperback, 1960:

“Thus the omnipotence of thought, the over-estimation of psychic processes as opposed to reality, proves to be of unlimited effect in the neurotic’s affective life and in all that emanates from it.”

And the insistence that UFOs and all the ruminations about it are important goes to the heart of this neuroticism.

An example of how I suspect that we are suffused here with neurotics is the avoidance of any discussion about the posting, by me, a few days ago, about an Orgasmic UFO event.

The subject is taboo for UFO aficionados, even though sexual elements are rife in UFO cases, as one will see by reviewing UFO accounts from ancient references right up to and including the contactee era (as delineated by Nick Redfern in his book, Contactees and many of the cases that Kevin Randle investigated or provides in his new book, reviewed here partially, yesterday, 1/13/12).

The sexual aspect of UFO abductions are blatant, obvious. The subtler sexual aspects of UFO sightings, generally, are not obvious, but there nonetheless.

And here is an example of the sexual nature found in UFO iconography from the past, and overlooked by Ancient Astronaut theorists;

This from Peter Kolosimo’s wonderful, pictorial book, Spaceships in Prehistory [University Books, Inc, Secaucus, NJ, 1976, Page 223]:


This is a stele of the Lunigians, preserved in a museum at Spezia, Kolosimo writes.

It is representational of the many statues and images of the Phallic god of ancient times, of which the Hebrew god, Yahweh, was one.

Did the gods of old, the so-called extraterrestrial visitors of the AA crowd, accentuate sexuality, the procreation of humankind, and are still doing so today?

Ah, but the subject matter is taboo. Why? Because UFO mavens are an ignorant, repressed lot, as psychoanalytics would have it, and social historians, like Tocqueville, would also.

One can’t really broach the topic of sexuality in the realm of UFOs, because the field is flush with sexist attitudes (See UFO Updates for example after example) and perverse sexual psychopaths who concentrate on the homosexual insinuation of “probes” while ignoring the generic sexual symbolism that has been substantiated by psychologists and anthropologists for decades.

I agree, it’s not a comfortable topic, but it needs to be addressed, even if only peripherally.

I won’t go further with this here, or generally, at this particular blog.

The topic is for cognoscenti, and a few enlightened individuals, for whom psychology is not an esoteric realm, like alchemy or witchcraft and ghost-hunting.

But, at least, consider the possibility that UFO accounts have a sexual underpinning, psychologically or even extraterrestrially.