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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Two UFO things that baffle (me)

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In Peter Kolosimo’s Spaceships in Prehistory (noted here in a previous posting) are these two pictorials of ancient drawings on cave walls:



Such images are used by Ancient Astronaut theorists to indicate that the pictures depict extraterrestrials wearing space helmets, like those used by today’s Earthian astronauts.

The extraterrestrials, apparently couldn’t breathe Earth’s oxygen-rich air, when they visited eons ago.

However, today’s alleged extraterrestrial visitors – the so-called “grays” – don’t need helmets, as they are generally spotted without any.

Why would this be?

Also, why would AA’s space visitors be wearing space gear like that of Earth’s Twentieth Century space travelers, but not something a little more advanced?

It’s queer.

Then, while I continue my reading of Kevin Randle’s very interesting book, Reflections of a UFO Investigator, I read a case study on Page 50 about an unnamed farmer who, among several others, found weird, circular depressions in his fields.

But this fellow also saw an egg-shaped craft, from which emerged two small entities (and left with a blue-flame propulsion thrust):


Mr. Randle cites the Lonnie Zamora sighting from 10 years earlier, and wonders if the farmer was telling a tale based on that famous sighting.

What intrigues me is that the farmer’s egg-shaped craft was drawn, by the farmer, with the egg standing upright on landing legs, not unlike another sighting noted earlier here.

Zamora’s craft was drawn with the egg-shaped craft horizontal, not upright (similar to the La Madera craft seen in the same time-frame – 1964):


Why would a hoaxer not follow the Zamora drawing if they were using that sighting as the template for their fraud?

Or did Zamora have it wrong?

Just wondering….