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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nick Redfern provides an intriguing story

Nick Redfern brings forth a story about a British Air Marshall's brush with a human-looking alien, dubbed Mr. Janus.

Click HERE for Nick's interesting tale.

(No, that's not Mr. Janus, pictured, but our favorite movie extraterrestrial.)

Ufological censorship and envy

I see that Paul Kimball is over at Kevin Randle’s blog railing against Anthony Bragalia.

Why not here, Paul?

And Lance Moody has slid into the anti-Bragalia mode there also…probably because I won’t let him get a foothold here.

Paul and Lance are guys who would censor weird UFO ideas and methodologies that offend them.

This is a topic, UFOs, where there is no core, no moral or scientific rectitude, about which one (or many) can revolve, intellectually.

The UFO enigma eludes ratiocination. The very unknown nature of UFOs prevents sensible reasoning.

And since Mr, Bragalia engages in hyperbole and obtuse, but interesting to me, research, we, the RRRGroup, give him an open forum.

Mr. Moody is a reactionary, a debunker and skeptic. I like his skepticism.

But he would censor and censure the likes of Mr. Bragalia but never dare to go after the UFO UpDate quidnuncs who give reason and commons sense a bad name.

Mr. Moody, as far as I know, doesn’t theorize about UFOs. He just attacks those who do.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like, as I said, Lance Moody, and when he comes here to comment, I’ll engage him in counter-argument if need be….to no avail, but at least face-to-face as it were.

Paul Kimball is a “friend” of mine or so I believe.

He has a thing about Mr. Bragalia, and Scott Ramsey – the Aztec crash promoter.

I’m not privy to why he “hates” these men or, rather, their ideas.

But to lump Mr. Bragalia in with the likes of Kal Korff and other UFO reprobates is shameful and unreasoned.

That Lance and Paul go to great lengths to besmirch Mr. Bragalia offends me.

I know how hard Mr. Bragalia works to get at what he thinks are important UFO issues.

We, Tony and I, are not on the same page about many things.

I don’t think the Zamora/Socorro event was a prank, but Tony has mustered some intriguing circumstantial evidence for his view that it was.

And I think the Wanaque UFO beam photo is a hoax, but Tony, again, has gathered information that belies my hoax opinion.

As for Roswell, the story is so screwed up now that one can’t have a sensible opinion about it, although Kevin Randle’s “Dream Team” is going to try to clear away the dross and get back to the facts and/or the reality of the “incident.”

I say let them have at it, cold-case style.

Mr. Bragalia has hovered around Roswell for some time, with memory metal follow-ups and his latest probe that has caused a ruckus: Veterans who say they weren’t at Roswell during the 1947 episode but whose military records indicate otherwise.

Tony calls their denials of service dishonorable, which make Paul and Lance, and others (CDA and Gilles Fernandez) to cringe.

Now the cringers haven’t talked with the veterans. Mr. Bragalia has.

He is competent, in my mind, to ascertain whether these old men are lying or holding back information, and Mr. Bragalia is better suited to pass judgement on their positions than anyone else….he (Tony) has made a connection with them.

That Lance, CDA, Paul, Tim Printy, et al. don’t like how Mr. Bragalia has defined these veterans’ responses is fair game.

But to attack Mr. Bragalia’s conclusions because they – the cringers – have some misplaced affection for old guys who were in the military and now refuse to admit to such is intellectual insanity.

It’s an attempt to control the UFO debate, which is a sin of UFO UpDaters, like UFO compiler, Jerry Clark and his lackey Don Ledger who try to do that with obtuse views at Errol Bruce-Knapp’s forum.

I won’t allow a censoring of Anthony Bragalia, or my own oblique views, or anyone else’s that we choose to highlight here.

That they have carte blanche to use Kevin Randle’s blog to vent their spleens is fine with me.

But they won’t get an easy path to show their envy or unreasoning personal attacks here without a fight from me.

That’s all….now back to the UFO phenomenon, which is what we all should be trying to explain.